Trump wanted to join Parler and call himself 'Person X' before app was cut off by tech titans, CEO claims

DONALD Trump wanted to join Parler under the pseudonym "Person X" before it was "shut down" the app's CEO has claimed.

John Matze alleged in a court filing on Wednesday that part of the reason Amazon Web Services (AWS) pulled the app was because of a desire to keep a now twice-impeached president Trump off big-name social media.

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Matze alleged: "I believe AWS's Decision to terminate service to Parler was based, not on expressed concerns about Parler's compliance with the AWS Agreement, but in part on a desire to deny President Trump a platform on any large social-media service."

It alleged that a "representative assigned to me by AWS" and who was a supporter of Joe Biden knew that since at least October "that Trump was considering moving to parler under the pseudonym 'Person X'."

Amazon and AWS did not immediately respond to The Sun's request for comment.

The Sun also contacted the Trump campaign for comment.

"She questioned me frequently via text message, phone calls and emails about any knowledge of those plans," Matze alleged in the documents.

This would have been months before Trump was banned from numerous social media sites – including Facebook, Twitter, and most recently Snapchat – following statements made amid the US Capitol riots that left five dead.

Social media sites said Trump was banned after he was accused of inciting violence in the riots.

Trump has since been impeached in the House on a charge of "inciting insurrection" related to the riots after he told supporters at a rally in Washington DC to "fight like hell."

Matze said in the court docs that he was in discussions with Amazon on Monday night before the web service decided to pull the plug on Parler – effectively "shutting it down."

Parler was already given the boot from Apple and Google's app stores, meaning it's no longer being hosted anywhere.

The co-founder claimed that Parler told Amazon it has tech including "learning algorithms" that could "proactively detect many types of toxic behavior and expressions of violence and report them."

After the content was reported, it would be sent to a jury that would review the posts before they were allowed on the site.

Matze said in the docs he also wanted to buy Amazon's AI software to aid in the content screening.

He claimed amid such discussions, the app was pulled from AWS due to knowledge that Trump wanted to use Parler.

Matze said because Amazon pulled the plug, the app has been "shut down."

"By shutting Parler down entirely, AWS has necessarily shut down all of Parler's more than 15 million accounts and, through advertising, its sole source of revenue," the filing stated.

It later stated: "My company is now a social network without a network."

Matze claimed Amazon "crushed our business's growth" and "eviscerated its ability to function."

The CEO then claimed that employees "fear for their career and fear for their lives" due to claims from AWS.

Matze previously told Fox News' Tucker Carlson that he has received death threats after the app was booted from Google, Apple and Amazon.

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