TSA finds lump of crystal meth inside traveler’s breakfast burrito

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That’s quite the wake up call.

A traveler at a Texas airport got caught trying to smuggle crystal meth into a breakfast burrito, authorities said.

TSA agents at the William P. Hobby Airport in Houston noticed the bulging burrito during a routine X-ray of the passenger’s carry-on luggage on April 2, the agency said Friday.

After spotting “an unidentified lump” in the burrito, agents asked the person to unwrap it for a closer inspection.

But “the passenger insisted it was just a breakfast burrito,” TSA said in a statement.

Agents again requested the burrito be unwrapped and, when the traveler finally complied, they noticed “something dark and unusual” amid the eggs, cheese and meat.

After scanning the burrito a second time, the TSA officers saw “black tape and dark wrapping around a large organic mass.”

Suspecting it was some kind of illegal substance, the agents called Houston Police, who confirmed the mass was actually meth, the TSA said.

Cops confiscated the contraband and arrested the traveler, who was not publicly identified in the statement.

According to local news outlet Houston Press, it appears the burrito might have actually been a taco, from Pappas Bar-B-Q, which has an outpost inside the airport’s main terminal.

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