Tupac is alive after FAKING his own autopsy picture and coroner's report, claim conspiracy theorists

TUPAC Shakur faked his own autopsy picture and coroner's report and is still alive, conspiracy nuts claim.

The rapper was murdered in a Las Vegas drive-by shooting in 1996 aged just 25 but many people insist that he's still alive. 

Tupac was in a car with former music executive Suge Knight when a Cadillac pulled up and shots were fired towards the car they were in.

The rapper was hit four times, twice in the chest, once in the arm and once in the thigh, according to reports.

But many "sightings" and other theories over the years have led people to believe that the star faked his own death, while others are convinced he's living in plain sight.

The rapper died nearly a week later after suffering respiratory failure which led to cardiac arrest.

But YouTuber DJ Skandalous raises some questions about the legitimacy of an image of the rapper lying dead and the coroner’s report.

He says there are “discrepancies all over the place” on the coroners report, some of which are about his height and weight.

A 1996 drivers’ licence shows his height as 5’ 10’’ and weighed around 168lbs but the coroner’s report says he was 6 ft tall and weighed 215 lbs.

DJ Skandalous also questions the authenticity of the autopsy pictures.

“A thing I noticed about the autopsy picture is the Machiavelli tattoo that he had on his neck was missing,” he said.

"This could be because the photo was pixelated and is not HD – but from what I see, the Machiavelli  tattoo is not there

"The other thing I found suspicious about the autopsy picture is that Tupac was in a hospital in a coma for six days, but when you look at the autopsy picture that's leaked on Google images, his head is shaven and his face is shaven.

"Why would they shave his face and his head if he's in a coma and in critical condition?"

Down the years photographs have played a key part in fuelling conspiracies about Tupac.

A photo published in 2019 appears to show Tupac hours after he was gunned down – when the authorities insist he was in hospital fighting for his life.

An alleged photo of him dying in his hospital bed that is said to have mysteriously disappeared just after it was taken also fuelled crackpot theories the rapper faked his own death.

Other theories have Tupac living in Cuba after former President Fidel Castro helped to get him there because there was a hit out on him.

Some people think that Tupac is actually being held in a Los Angeles prison after "newly found" booking records from 2017 and 2019 appeared to match the rapper's identity.

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