Tupac is still alive and CCTV ‘proves’ he switched places with a body double before infamous casino brawl, crackpot conspiracy claims

A BIZARRE new video claims to show the moment Tupac Shakur switched with a secret double hours before he was "gunned down" in Las Vegas.

The rap legend was just 25 when he was targeted in a drive-by shooting in sin city after leaving left a Mike Tyson fight in September 1996.

Since then, dozens of conspiracy theories have flurried, claiming he survived the shooting, faked his death and fled the country.

Grainy CCTV footage has now emerged allegedly showing the singer swapping places with a body double on the night of his notorious brawl in the MGM Grand.

The blurry clip claims to show the rapper "diving into a crowd" at the casino in an apparent attempt to disappear forever.

The same night Tupac and his entourage became embroiled in the brawl which many believe cost the rapper his life.

The rapper  was caught on film punching rival gang member Orlando Anderson in the lobby of the MGM over claims he had tried to steal a chain from one of his pals.

Security footage showed several people kicking Anderson on the floor and a man believed to have been the rapper and his pals then dashing out of the casino.

However, now truthers say that on the night of the shocking  fight Tupac switched with a DOUBLE.

In the crackpot clip an arrow appears on one man pointing towards a person who is supposedly Tupac.

Danny, of the YouTube channel WiredUp TV, explains: "Tupac appears to dive into a crowd of people.

"See the way his right leg crosses strangely across the backside his left. This indicates jumping or diving to the ground.

"Before his leg disappears, another Tupac appears and takes off running. He then runs to catch Suge Knight."

"You can see another person dressed exactly the same as Tupac," he adds.

It's already been reported that Suge Knight claimed Tupac talked about faking his death just weeks before he was shot.

The music mogul claims the discussion started during a trip to the Pacific island of Maui, shortly after he signed Tupac to his Death Row record label.

Suge explained: "We was in Maui, you know what I mean, and Pac had, like, never been to Maui. And he got to talking about faking his own death."

Then a photo resurfaced earlier this year, which appeared to show Tupac walking in public, wearing the same shirt he wore on the night he died.

Reports in 2018 claimed Tupac was hiding out in Somalia alongside Yaki Kadafi, the Outlawz rapper who was killed in New Jersey three months after Tupac’s death.

And at the weekend a video has emerged, apparently showing Tupac rapping on camera, with his trademark nose ring and shaven hair cut.

The man rapping in the video even sports the same styled moustache as Tupac.


The video, posted on YouTube, comes after dozens of alleged sightings of him since 1996.

A recent image circulated online, shows a man around Tupac's age, playing with three young boys.

He is also bald and has a similarly-shaped face and beard to the late star.

The picture was publicised by YouTube channel Wired Up TV, which describes itself as "the most talked-about Tupac Alive channel in the world".

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