Two kids, 2 and 4, rescued from roach-infested house where they ‘ate dogs and lived in dirty nappies’

TWO young children have been rescued from a filthy roach-infested house where they were reportedly fed the meat of stray dogs.

The four-year-old girl and her two-year-old brother were found in the squalid apartment by police officers, after concerned neighbours notified authorities. 

The children lived with their mother and grandmother in the squalid home in the city of Kharkiv, northeast Ukraine.

Footage from the horrifying scene shows officers making their way through mounds of rubbish before carrying the youngsters away.

Witnesses said the young boy was wearing only a reused nappy, as he “did not have any other clothes”.

The toddler was wrapped in a blanket, handed to officers by a kind local resident, before both children were rushed to hospital for examinations.

Volunteer Yevgeny Zub, who filmed the rescuer operation said: “The mother, grandmother and the children relieve themselves right on the floor.”

“I’ve seen a lot but never something like that.”

Neighbours said the apartment was infested with cockroaches, which fell down from the ceiling. 

“The stench makes you retch with disgust,” they said.

The women reportedly stuffed their home with waste from rubbish bags, which they had collected for years. 

The toilet in the flat was out of order and the water supply was cut off long ago for unpaid bills.


Animal rights activists were also at the scene, investigating a tip-off that the “mother catches stray dogs and uses their meat to feed her children”.

Mr Zub said: “The pooches are being killed in the apartment then cooked and eaten by the family.”

The activists rescued four dogs, which they found locked in one of the rooms.

Law enforcement spokesman Oleksandr Salo said: “A criminal case for malicious non-compliance with child-rearing obligations has been initiated against the mother.”

The mother, who reportedly had five children from different men, had earlier been deprived of parental rights, having lost custody of her oldest child to the father.

Two of her other older children had been placed into an orphanage by the court.

The rescued siblings would also be placed in an orphanage, until the court decides their further fate.

The mother faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

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