Two police cars crashed into a shop front in Bradford

Dramatic aerial photos show destroyed shop front after two police cars crashed into building in Bradford

  • The police vehicles who were responding to a separate incident before crashing
  • Police and a fire engine were at the scene where a shop front has been destroyed

A row of flats and shops has been demolished after two police cars collided before ploughing into the building.

Dramatic aerial photos show police and a fire engine attending the incident involving two marked police vehicles, who were responding to a separate incident before crashing.

They were recovered from the scene of the crash on the A650 in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Father and son-owned business Ideal Bathrooms & Tiles appears to have sustained the most damage in the early-hours smash.

‘It is just a shock for me and my dad,’ said Abdul Riaz.

Ideal Bathrooms & Tiles has been demolished after two police cars collided, causing one to plough into the shop front

One police car, pictured, was significantly damaged after crashing into the building 

The collision caused significant damage to the building (pictured this morning), which is home to residents and shops

‘We don’t know how to react especially because it was in the early hours of the morning. We were woken up by this unexpected news.’

He added: ‘I got a call from my landlord at 3.39am. I woke up 45 minutes later and rang him back.

‘We have had the shop since September/October 2021.

‘We had items on display and the material is fairly expensive. It could cost us up to £1,000, I doubt it would be more than that.’

Local resident Mohammed Waqas, 38, said: ‘I don’t know how it could have happened.

‘The police car looks to have crashed into the row of shops without touching the parked cars, which look to be undamaged. It is lucky that nobody was hurt.’

Steven Dalton, 54, said a trip to a 24-hour shop to get milk saved him from potentially being caught up in the smash.

Mr Dalton was on his way back from Manchester to his Shipley Fields home when he noticed the emergency scene.

He said: ‘I had seen police out and was not sure what they were looking for. I knew there was something going on.

‘I did not know if a bomb had exploded, I just saw half the building missing. People were running about. It must have happened seconds before.

‘There was rubble on top of a police car and an officer looked in.

‘Another police officer was shouting “is there anyone else in the building?”.

‘I just could not believe what had happened. The whole front of the building has collapsed.’

‘That is fate that I went to that shop. I would have slowed down on that section to turn down by the shops.

‘Looking at the state of that police car, the police officer is so lucky to be alive.’

The shop and rooms above have been significantly damaged following the collision

Two marked police vehicles were recovered from the scene of the smash on the A650 in Bradford

One police car was particularly damaged and the officer driving it is thought to have sustained little injury 

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: ‘Police are currently at the scene of a road traffic collision on Keighley Road involving two police vehicles.

‘The collision has caused damage to a building, the road remains closed whilst the building is made safe.

‘This is being treated as a damage only collision.’

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