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Train wreckers

WE have to hand it to the union militants.

They aimed to inflict as much reckless damage on the economy as they could — and statistics show they managed it.

They downed tools in December, hammering other people’s jobs and businesses, and our GDP shrank 0.5 per cent.

Not quite enough for the recession the brothers would love to have gifted the Tory Government they despise. But close.

The Office for National Statistics puts much of the blame for this grim figure on the mass strikes in the public sector and at Royal Mail.

That lower GDP means less revenue for the Treasury and less money available for the already unaffordable pay rises the unions are demanding.


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Except that’s not their only motive.

The main aim is to upend the Tories — and even our entire economic system.

Think we’re exaggerating?

A leaked RMT memo shows chief Mick Lynch being lobbied by officials “to work for the suppression of the capitalist system by a socialistic order of society”.

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As if the Marxist meathead needed reminding.

He and his hard-Left mates are as ideological as Arthur Scargill and equally delusional too.

So far Rishi Sunak has rightly shown them some unbending Thatcherite steel.

Jeremy Hunt insists our economy is resilient.

He and his boss must be too.

Safety first

WE always opposed cuts to defence.

But we get why they happened.

After the Cold War it wasn’t the highest priority.

And with money always tight following the financial crash of 2008, the NHS and schools came first.

But with his invasion of Crimea, the Salisbury poisonings and finally his monstrous war on Ukraine, Putin has provided a hideous wake-up call.

So Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is right to urge the PM to put billions more into our forces, as Boris Johnson did.

It’s not about votes in 2024.

It’s simply about keeping our country safe from murderous tyrannies.

Boat race

STOPPING the small boats ferrying illegal migrants to Britain will take bottle in No10.

It will mean facing down a cacophony of abuse from the Left.

Especially if, long-term, we opt to leave the European Convention on Human Rights.

But there’s a shorter-term solution: A watertight new law barring illegal arrivals from using the Human Rights or Modern Slavery Acts to wangle a stay they are not entitled to.

Then, crucially, ignoring disobliging rulings from the ECHR — as we did for years after it demanded we give prisoners the vote.

Two top lawyers say this is vital to establish a deterrent and avoid new lawsuits designed to thwart deportations.

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Home Secretary Suella Braverman must take heed.

The Tories must win this fight.

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