Vegan artist's graphic anti-fox hunting painting removed from gallery

Vegan artist’s graphic anti-fox hunting painting showing a giant werewolf killing a huntsman is removed from art gallery after complaint

  • Joanne Oddie, 56, painting was removed from Welsh art gallery after complaint
  • The ‘offensive’ artwork depicts an huntsman being attacked by a werewolf 
  •  Art was displayed at Llanwrtyd & District Heritage and Arts Centre for two weeks

A vegan artist has had her anti-fox hunting painting removed from a gallery after a complaint that it was ‘offensive.’ 

Joanne Oddie, 56, created the artwork depicting a giant werewolf attacking a huntsman for an open exhibition at her local gallery.

The painting – called Karma – showed foxes looking on as the severed body of a red-coated huntsman is throttled in the woods.

But Joanne said the work was taken down from Llanwrtyd & District Heritage and Arts Centre in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, after one comment in the visitor book said the work was ‘out of place.’

 She said in a Facebook post, ‘Clearly, it’s contentious. ‘This one’s a bit dark’, people are saying that to me.

‘But I don’t think it’s dark. It’s not as if no-one has ever not done a painting with blood in it before.’

Joanne Oddie, 56, painting was taken down from Llanwrtyd & District Heritage and Arts Centre in Wales after one person complained it ‘seemed out of place’

Joanne – who creates animal portraits – says she was delighted the painting evoked such ’emotion.’

She said: ‘My recent creative painting Karma, was hung for only two weeks of the exhibition because it caused offence.

‘The controversy I have caused locally is the icing on the cake, as in my wildest dreams, I didn’t think my artwork would cause such a stir, after all ‘art’ is executed to evoke reaction, whether it be positive or negative.

The animal-loving vegan is happy her work provoked such a strong reaction, claiming art is meant to make people feel something, whether it be negative or positive 

The artist is now working on five more exhibitions to go along with Karma and people have been in touch with commissions 

‘My painting is pretty unambiguous, but then the bottom line is that me, the artist, has love, and respect for all living creatures.

‘There was one negative comment, in the Heritage Centre visitors book, which suggested, that Karma was out of place.

‘I beg to differ, I think the Heritage Centre is the perfect place to hang my painting because foxes are indeed part of our wonderful British Heritage.’ 

 Llanwrtyd & District Heritage and Arts Centre only displayed the painting in the gallery for two weeks before removing it after backlash, but Oddie says she’s ‘glad’ it got taken down

Supporters of Joanne claimed her painting may have been taken down as there are many fox-hunting supporters in the area.

But they’re pouring in support. The painting now has thousands of shares on Facebook, and more pieces like Karma are in the works. 

Oddie added: ‘Taking it down has actually done me the world of good. 

‘It is going everywhere, it is really great,’ she said. ‘I’m doing five more exhibitions of that series and people have been getting in touch with commissions.’  

One supporter said: ‘A painting says a thousand words, you can see its message straight away. Shame we live in a society that everyone is frightened to offend everyone else.’

Another wrote: ‘Amazing picture, very poignant, it shouldn’t have been removed! People need to grow up and get a backbone!’

Oddie is now selling tee-shirts of her painting on her Facebook page for £25.

She wrote: ‘I’m pretty sure there won’t be flocks of people following my page who are desperate to don a Karma tee shirt, but by popular demand, I am having tee shirts printed to order.’  

Llanwrtyd & District Heritage and Arts Centre has been contacted for comment.

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