VIDEO: Two men brawl on Merseyside street

‘Taxi driver’ and man punch and bite each other as they brawl in the middle of rush-hour traffic

  • Two men were seen brawling beside a taxi in Crosby, Merseyside on Monday 
  • The men punched and kicked each other repeatedly during the shocking brawl
  • One woman tried to pull the two men apart as they fought on the busy street

This is the shocking moment a man and a taxi driver were filmed brawling in the middle of a Liverpool street. 

The footage showed the two men landing punches, attempted to kick each other and even biting in Crosby, Merseyside. 

A passer-by filmed the incident which saw both men falling in the middle of the road despite the danger of passing cars. 

This is the moment two men were filmed brawling beside a taxi in Merseyside on Monday 

The pair were wrestling with each other for more than a minute on the roadway in Crosby

One man knocked the other to the ground. As he struggled to his feet, he managed to trip up his opponent

One of the men is floored by a flailing arm which connects under his chin.  

One woman, who spotted the fight, tried to prise the men apart. 

The incident happened on Monday afternoon on Crosby Road, Merseyside.  

The Liverpool Echo said they have supplied a copy of the footage to Merseyside Police.  

Merseyside Police told MailOnline that they have not had an official complaint lodged concerning the alleged incident.  

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A woman tried to break up the two men has they rolled around together on the road

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