We've been forced to shower at our neighbour's home for WEEKS after a massive bathroom leak, the council didn't help | The Sun

A FAMILY was forced to shower at their neighbour's house for weeks while battling a "massive" leak in their bathroom.

Mum Helen Hyde said water was rapidly seeping into the kitchen and her son's bedroom, causing extensive damage, but the council wouldn't fix the problem.

The 55-year-old first reported the dripping pipe to Nottingham City Homes, which manages her Clifton building, more than a fortnight ago.

Workers visited the property, one of whom described the leak as "massive", before black bags and tape were used to temporarily patch up the holes.

The pair were also given a portable toilet while struggling with "isolated" water supplies, and were told to "strip wash in the kitchen" until a permanent solution was found.

But, more than two weeks later, Helen, who has lived in the house with her 25-year-old son who has autism since 2008, says she is still waiting for lasting repairs.


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Helen, who suffers with complex regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, told NottinghamshireLive: "I want to live to my standards and not be forced to live like this.

"We've had to move so many things around the house and, because of my disabilities, I'm in agony and feel exhausted and really low.

"We've not long had the kitchen repainted, and it's ruined that now."

The mum added: "We've got a broken bath, and a shower and toilet that can't be used, plus a hole in the ceiling.

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"The water has also been going into my son's bedroom, too, and he's really been struggling to cope with the changes because of his autism. It's screwed him up emotionally.

"I just feel as though no one cares. Everyone seems to have been passing the buck."

Nottingham City Homes apologised for the delays and vowed to carry out repairs as soon as possible.

A spokesperson added: "We're sorry about the inconvenience caused by plumbing issues remaining unresolved at this property until now.

"We scheduled a plumber to visit on August 1, which was the first opportunity to complete the repairs in one visit, who has replaced a substantial amount of pipework to fix the leak and reinstate the water supply to the bathroom.

"Once the property has dried out enough, we will be back in touch with Mrs Hyde to organise any further works which may be need as a result of the leak.

"We appreciate that turning the water off will have caused Mrs Hyde and her family difficulties.

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"This happened because the call was received outside core hours and the amount of work needed meant the only option at the time was to isolate water to the bathroom.

"We provided a temporary toilet and water remained working downstairs."

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