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SPIDERS are annoying but have you ever come across one and thought, "What do the eight-legged crawlies drink?"

The creatures do not even look like they have a big enough mouth to sip water, so how do they drink?

What do spiders drink?

As all living creatures, spiders need water to survive.

But they do not need drink it every day.

Spiders live on a liquid diet which they attract from their food.

House spiders can spend a few months before having to take a sip of water to survive.

On the other hand, arachnids can survive even longer without food, but they do need water.

Meanwhile, tarantulas can survive two years with a single meal.


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How do spiders drink?

There's a common assumptions that spiders do not drink.

This is because no one has ever seen a spider open its mouth and drink or actually absorb the liquid from its prey.

Even most spider owners have never seen the eight-legged crawly hydrate.

Well, firstly, spiders do not have an actual mouth and they do not have teeth, so they cannot chew.

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Their mouthparts are called chelicerae and they act in a similar way to a straw.

The chelicerae have many muscles which work together to suck up water and liquids from prey.

They take several minutes to perform this process and some larger species might even spend hours drinking.

What's a spider's lifespan?

Most spiders in the UK can live up to a year, while female ones can live up to two or three years.

If spiders live indoors away from attackers, they tend to live longer.

The type of spiders that invade homes are the ones which tend to live the shortest.

This is because they will probably get exterminated when someone is cleaning their home or they spot them crawling around.

If spiders weren't to get killed, they could live for up to 40 years at least.

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In fact, the eldest spider on Earth was an Australian trapdoor spider that lived up to 43 years before it was killed by a wasp.

On the other hand, one can also find spiders that leave less than a year, it depends on the species and environment they live in.

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