What is David Cameron’s net worth, where does he live and what is he doing now? – The Sun

EX Prime Minister David Cameron, who was flying under the radar since his plan to reaffirm the UK's relationship with Europe went catastrophically wrong, has now released his memoirs.

The 52-year-old Eton-educated Remainer threw in the towel after the UK voted to Leave the union in 2016, but what is he up to now?

Where is David Cameron now?

The man who triggered the EU referendum gave his first in-depth television interview this week, revealing his regrets and feelings towards Britain's current political climate.

In 'The Cameron Interview,' the former Prime Minister revealed he is "sorry" about the state of the country and that he is still haunted by the referendum vote.

But he stood by his decision to call the vote, a move that has been widely criticised by Remainers.

The Sun's sources said: "David is dedicated to public service, and has often said he wouldn’t rule out a public role one day, domestically or internationally.

“But he is only 52, and still a young man.”

Where does David Cameron live?

The Camerons have properties in the Cotswolds and in Cornwall.

Their lavish Cotswolds cottage cost a reported £1.5m, while their Cornwall getaway was bought for £2million.

They also own a London home in Notting Hill.

They reportedly took out a mortgage on the home just days before the EU referendum.

Cameron sent his 12-year-old son Elwen to a private school where fees are more than £30,000-a-year. Around a quarter of its students go on to Oxbridge.

Competition for admission is fierce and in some years there are six applicants for every place.

What is David Cameron's net worth?

According to the website The Richest, David Cameron has a net worth of £50 million.

The Prime Minister's salary was £150,403 while he was in his position in Parliament.

But since leaving in 2016, Mr Cameron has found other ways to make money – including through public speaking gigs.

He reportedly charged £120,000 an hour to speak at the Washington Speakers Bureau.

David Cameron also has a huge amount of inherited wealth.

His father, Ian Cameron was a stockbroker, and David was left £300,000 in his will.

The former Prime Minister's book deal was reportedly bought by publisher William Collins for a staggering £800,000.

Mr Cameron's memoirs, titled 'For The Record' is set to feature details on his time in office.

What else has he been up to?

The father-of-four postponed the publication of his memoirs “to avoid his comments on Brexit undermining Britain’s crunch negotiations with the EU”, according to The Sunday Times.

Cameron has enjoyed trips to Glastonbury festival, chowed down on some fish and chips at Polzeath Beach in Cornwall and sported a Peaky Blinders flat cap at the races last year.

He has also been giving advice to wife Samantha's designer clothing business.

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