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FORMER gangster turned author and celebrity Dave Courtney has passed away at the age of 64.

Here we take a look at the hardman's life and net worth.

Who was Dave Courtney?

David John Courtney, born on February 17, 1959 in Bermondsey, London, was a self-proclaimed former gangster.

The ex-criminal swapped his life of crime to become a recognised author and celebrity.

Courtney shared tales of his past with readers — from being shot to having to kill in order to stay alive.

During his career, Courtney published six books and starred in his own film titled Hell To Pay.



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He also made a living from appearing in numerous television documentaries, speaking about his criminal past and associates, and also acting in movies.

Dave claimed to have links with many notorious gangsters such as Reggie Kray and Lenny McLean — and is best known for organising security at Kray's funeral in 1995.

Courtney has made claims that he has spent time in Belmarsh Prison as a high security prisoner.

These claims were backed up by ex-prison guard Jim Dawkins in his book The Loose Screw.

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Courtney had a few close shaves when it comes to serving time — in 2009 the former gangster avoided jail time after being charged with two firearm offences.

However, former members of the Richardson gang, Bernard O'Mahoney and Frankie Fraser, have accused Courtney of fabricating and embellishing his past criminal record – which Courtney has denied.

He died on October 22, 2023, with Dave's neighbour Sheila Wellcome, 68, telling The Sun that Courtney's pal rang to tell her this morning that he had been "shot".

She said: “I saw Dave at around 8pm last night – he seemed in good spirits after going to the Charlton match with his friends.

“I passed him a cigarette over the wall an hour later and he was laughing and joking, then said he was tired and going to go to bed.

“Then I got a call this morning from his friend Brendan, who lives with him, saying Dave has been shot and is dead, and the police also told me he’d died.

“We knew Dave was in a lot of pain. He was suffering with terrible arthritis – he could barely roll a cigarette.

“But he seemed happy. He’d just got his driving licence back and was getting a new Peugeot which he was really excited about.

“I just can’t believe I’m never going to see him again. It’s so sad.”

Where did Dave Courtney live?

Courtney was born in Bermondsey, London.

He lived in Plumstead, southeast London, in a house known as Camelot Castle until his death.

Dave's house was decorated with a number of Union Flags, the cross of St George, and a painted depiction of himself and a large knuckle duster.

What was Dave Courtney's net worth?

Reports of Dave's net worth vary dramatically.

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There are numerous outlets reporting a net worth of around $5million (£4.1million).

At the top end of the scale IdolNetWorth has the writer's net worth at a whopping $30million (£24.7million).

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