When is All Saints' Day 2021 and how is it celebrated?

ALL Saints Day is the annual Christian festival to honour saints and martyrs of the past.

Followers of both the Protestant and Catholic faith take part in the festival which is celebrated throughout the world. Here is all you need to know.

When is All Saints' Day 2021?

In 2021, All Saints Day will be celebrated on November 1.

It is swiftly proceeded by All Souls' Day which this year takes place on November 2.

What is All Saints' Day?

All Saints Day is an annual Christian feast celebrated to remember all the saints and martyrs throughout Christian history.

Those who celebrate the event are required to attend church and are encouraged not to do any strenuous work or activity.

The Christian tradition dates back to the 4th century AD and was originally celebrated on May 13.

However, in 837AD, Pope Gregory IV extended the festival to remember all the saints and changed the date to November 1.

How is All Saints' Day celebrated?

Some countries consider All Saints Day a public holiday and methods of celebration differ.

In the UK, people normally attend special church services, while some Christian schools offer certain activities to students either prior to or on All Saints’ Day.

These activities would focus on the theme of various saints’ lives and their role in the history of Christianity.

Meanwhile, in the likes of Spain, many celebrate by visiting tombstones to honour the memory of deceased relatives.

Rituals such as a offerings of flowers, candles, prayers or blessings is common.

In France and Germany, people have the work day off and businesses are closed.

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