Who is Dr Mike aka Mikhail Varshavski and does he have a girlfriend?

YOUTUBE star and "Sexiest Doctor Alive" Mikhail Varshavski was recently seen partying with a large group of people with few or no masks in sight.

The social media photos surfaced as the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic continued to climb at an alarming rate.

Who is Mikhail Varshavski?

Varshavski, who is 31, moved to the US from Russia when he was just a child.

"Doctor Mike," who has millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram, built his base by debunking medical myths, pointing out errors in popular medical shows, and answering health related questions. 

He told Fox Business earlier this year that “wearing a mask decreases the spread of this virus and that is of utmost importance for people’s health and the health of our economy."

He begged: “So please, if you’re going outside in public and going to be around other people, wear a mask."

Varshavski, who is 6-foot-3-inches tall, was born in Saransk, Russia.

Where was he seen partying?

Social media photos from his 31st birthday party appear to show him on a boat with a large group of partiers in Miami's Sunset Harbour.

Pictures show Varshavski surrounded by 14 other people – most of them women in bikinis – and not abiding by social distancing guidelines.

It also appeared that people were not wearing masks.

A rep for Varshavski told the New York Post that the doctor removed his mask for a swim.

“Dr. Varshavski took off his mask only when getting in and out of the water, also per CDC guidelines on wet masks," the statement read.

The statement would add: “Dr. Varshavski has always been – and is – a proponent of mask-wearing and safety amidst the pandemic.

"All federal, state and local CDC guidelines related to Covid-19 travel and safety were followed, including boat capacity, testing, and return to NYS protocol."

Many social media users were not convinced.

One Reddit commenter asked: “Do good looking people just have an immunity to it that we aren't aware of, or does he just think the rules don't apply to him?"

There have now been nearly 13million coronavirus cases in the US with more than 260,000 deaths.

What sort of doctor is Varshavski?

Dr Varshavskiis a primary care physician at Chatham Family Medicine in Chatham, New Jersey.

"He believes in preventive care and in educating individuals on how small lifestyle changes can make a big impact on quality of life as well as health outcomes," reads his Atlantic Health System bio.

"Dr Mike has expanded his influence as a physician far beyond the walls of his practice," the bio continues.

"Through his rapidly-growing social media presence, Dr Mike motivates, inspires and advises millions of followers and fans.

"His social media posts, YouTube channel, face-to-face encounters, speaking engagements and appearances on network news shows – which includes ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline – all prescribe a healthy dose of honest medical advice."

His bio adds that his work "raises awareness on a broad range of health issues and offers tips on how to reduce cancer risks, improve nutrition, incorporate exercise, apply new ways to reduce stress, and, in general, learn how to live a better life."

The doctor graduated magna cum laude from New York Institute of Technology and attended the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine to attain his medical degree, according to his bio.

Why is he known as The Sexiest Doctor Alive?

Varshavski was named People magazine's Sexiest Doctor Alive in 2015.

"I thought it was a joke when it first happened because I never considered myself a sexy guy," he told Fox 5 the following year.

He achieved the feat despite barely knowing any English when he arrived in the US when he was 6.

"Actually the three words that I did know were yes, no, and maybe," he told the station.

His social media presence grew substantially after he was given the lofty designation by People.

Does he have a girlfriend?

He has been linked in the past to model Pia Wurtzbach.

It is not known if he is dating someone at the moment.

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