Witness accuses doctor of branding Nxivm ‘sex slaves’

This is the doctor accused of branding Nxivm’s alleged sex slaves — and she’s a member of the cult’s twisted master-slave group, a witness said Thursday.

Mark Vicente identified a picture of a bikini-clad Dr. Danielle Roberts for jurors, saying she wielded the cauterizing pen during DOS’ secretive branding ceremonies.

“I believe she was a slave and a master, and the person who actually did the branding,” said Vicente, a former Nxivm member now testifying against the organization’s founder, Keith Raniere. “She was the brander.”

The 2014 photo shows Roberts — who is now under state investigation — and at least three other sex slaves smiling in the surf off the coast of a Fijian island owned by Clare Bronfman.

Roberts has not been charged with a crime.

The 37-year-old osteopath is under probe by the New York state Department of Health in connection with allegations that she “participated in the initiation ceremony for a secret society, which involved the branding of female initiates with a cautery pen without anesthesia and under duress,” according to court papers reported by the Albany Times Union.

Vicente, who concluded his testimony Thursday, also identified three alleged DOS slaves named Alejandra, Sahajo and Rebecca, who appear in the photo with Roberts.

Prosecutors say DOS member were told they were joining a women’s empowerment group — and instead ended up being starved, branded and told to have sex with Raniere.

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