Woman confused by a lift with two doors

It’s behind you! Woman is completely baffled by lift with two doors in hilarious CCTV footage from China

  • A woman was filmed inside a lift in China apparently confused by the layout 
  • The woman, from Dongguan seemed unaware the lift had two sets of doors
  • She failed to realise the door behind her was opening when she pressed buttons

This is the hilarious moment a woman failed to realise the elevator she was trying to leave had two sets of doors.

CCTV footage shot in China shows the woman stuck in the lift, totally unaware that doors are opening behind her each time she presses a button. 

Instead she keeps looking at the doors in front of her, which remain firmly shut, in the incident in the city of Dongguan, in Guandong province on December 5.  

The woman tries to use a lift in in the city of Dongguan, in Guandong province on December 5

The woman waits for the door on the left to open unaware she is supposed to leave from the right 

Eventually she gives up and uses the stairs to leave the building, pictured

The woman even starts banging on the lift doors, calling out for someone to release her. 

Footage later shows her giving up on the lift and dashing down a set of stairs. It is not clear how she eventually managed to exit the elevator.

In 2018, ITV’s programme editor Mike Rigby was filmed trapped inside a lift, going up and down non-stop for an hour. 

His co-worker, ITV Political Correspondent Paul Brand, shared the footage on his Twitter feed. 

He wrote: ‘Our Programme Editor Mike Rigby has currently been going up and down in a lift for half an hour with no sign of escape.

‘The bulletin tonight could be sparse without his heavy LIFTing #upanddown.’

‘Lift contractor has been called out. On a serious note, we are trying to set him free, I promise!’

He later added: ‘Almost an hour now… Hope he doesn’t need a wee,’ and shortly after: ‘BREAKING NEWS: Mike has been freed!

‘He does not wish to speak to the media at this time and asks that his privacy be respected. #freeMike.’

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