Woman is jailed for eight years for masterminding attack on her ex

Woman is jailed for eight years for masterminding ‘horrific’ attack on her ex-boyfriend who was tied up and stabbed by armed robbers in terrifying home raid

  • Marie Thompson, 46,  organised visit to her last partner on pretence of a drink
  • When she got there she let in her current boyfriend and another man
  • The pair of men tied up, beat and stabbed her ex-partner in the terrifying raid
  • Thompson just stood there watching as he was doused with alcohol in attack 

A vengeful ex who helped mastermind an ‘horrific’ home invasion on her former boyfriend which saw him tied up, beaten and stabbed has been jailed for eight years.

Marie Thompson, 46, organised a visit to her last partner on the pretence of having a drink but during her stay opened the door and let in two armed and masked attackers, one of whom was her current love interest.

Newcastle Crown Court heard heard during the savage violence, Thompson was ‘simply standing watching’, as the victim was threatened with ‘torture’, doused in alcohol so attempts could be made to set him on fire and was left unconscious in a pool of blood.

Over £7,000 in jewellery, including high value watches and chains, and cash was taken during the raid, as well as a cheque for £19,400, which was never cashed.

Marie Thompson, 46, from Rugby, Warks, who helped mastermind an attack on her ex

In text messages she sent before the attack, Thompson told a pal she ‘hoped he still had something to rob’, ‘I dread to think what they are going to do to him’ and ‘he deserves what was coming to him’.

Thompson, of St. Mark’s Court, Rugby, Warwickshire, admitted conspiracy to rob on the basis she participated in the plan to rob, that would inevitably involve some violence being inflicted but the ‘extreme’ nature of what happened went beyond what she had foreseen.

Mr Recorder Anthony Kenrick has now sentenced her to eight years behind bars and said the attack was ‘horrific’.

The judge told her: ‘When he left the room you unlocked the door and let in the two men.

‘What followed was a horrific and very prolonged robbery where weapons were  produced and used.

‘Significant injuries were caused to him.’

The court heard an initial attempt to carry out the attack plot a week before the violence in July 2017 had to be abandoned as the victim had visitors, including children, at his house.

Marie Thompson, 46, was jailed for eight years at Newcastle Crown Court today

On July 26 Thompson arranged to go to the victim’s house in Newcastle for a drink.

Prosecutor Lee Fish told the court: ‘She arrived about 9.30pm and at the time there was a mutual friend at the house.

‘After the friend left, he locked the front door and went to the toilet.

‘It appears at this stage the defendant opened the door and allowed in the men.

‘He came downstairs and was attacked by both men.

‘The defendant was in the living room. Both of the men had knives and he sustained cuts to his hands as he used his arms to try and defend himself.

‘He was stabbed in the leg and stomach, they threatened to kill him if he didn’t co-operate.

Newcastle Crown Court, where the case was heard and Thompson pleaded guilty

‘They tied his hands behind his back and asked him where the money was and the jewellery.

‘They threatened to torture him. He described they seemed to know about a gold chain he previously owned.

‘They started looking around. He told them he had £230 in his wallet.

‘The defendant was in the living room throughout, he describes her simply standing watching.

‘He was losing a lot of blood and pretended to pass out.’

The court heard it was at that point Thompson started to tell the attackers to leave him alone.

But Mr Fish said: ‘Despite the fact he was completely still, one of the men was standing on his hands and they tied his feet and linked it to a rope around his hands.

‘He was kicked as one of the men shouted ‘speak’.’

The court heard the victim told the attackers to ‘take whatever they liked’ and they snatched two chains from around his neck and took his wallet, containing £230, which he gave them.

Mr Fish added: ‘He was covered in blood and the men poured whiskey and vodka onto him and said ‘light him up before we go’.

‘He recalls one of the men trying to set him on fire.

‘The lighter they were trying to use didn’t work, or they didn’t manage, despite their best efforts.’

The court heard Thompson wrote down the victim’s pin number, which he gave them before they left.

On their way out, the attackers said they were going to kidnap Thompson and left the house.

The victim then managed to get outside and summon help.

Police found him ‘unconscious in a pool of blood’ when they arrived. The victim was taken to hospital for surgery to the knife wounds and still suffers the effects of the attack three years later.

In a victim statement, he said he needed over 60 stitches and has been left with post traumatic stress.

He added: ‘It is still affecting me.’

Tony Hawks, defending, said Thompson had a terrible childhood, has mental health problems, poor physical health and has been ‘manipulated’ by the men in her life.

Mr Hawks added: ‘She never anticipated the degree of violence that the men dished out.

‘She is credited with saying to leave him alone.’

The court heard one of the alleged attackers, who was Thompson’s current partner, is believed to have fled to Jamaica and a warrant has been issued for his arrest

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