Woman spends £8,000 on supersize GG boobs, lip fillers and weekly spray tans to become 'real life Barbie'

A WOMAN has spent £8,000 on supersize GG boobs, lip fillers and weekly spray tans to become a “real life Barbie”.

Jade Lyne, 25, first went under the knife aged 18 when she increased her cup size from an A to a GG.

She now works full-time selling videos, webcamming customers, and running her OnlyFans page where she provides exclusive content to subscribers. 

Jade – who goes by “Barbie Jade” – has injected lip fillers five times but plans to do it again as “they are getting too small".

She also spray tans in her home tanning machine twice a week to maintain her look.

Jade, from Bristol, said: “Barbie is a big idol of mine. I think she looks amazing and perfect.

“Although I am sort of coming away from that a bit because I am doing all different kinds of looks now and not just Barbie.

“I have had breast implants when I was 18 and went from an A cup to a GG cup that cost around £8000. 

“I have had lip filler in my lips around 5 times a few years ago and plan to get more lip filler next week hopefully finally as they are getting too small again. 

"I wear a lot of fake tan and I do this around twice a week. 

I do a spray tan at home with my spray tanning machine and I use a really dark tan so I don't need to tan every day.”

Jade said she receives a lot of praise for her unique look but has also learned to ignore the negative comments.

She said: “I have received millions of comments about my look, some have been good and some have been bad. 

“I have been told in the past I look about 50-years-old, I look like a clown, hideous, a state and any horrible comment you can think of, I have been called it. 

“I have also been told I look great, really attractive, gorgeous, glamorous, really pretty, a goddess.

“So, I get a lot of really nice comments all of the time online and when I am out.

“There is no response whatsoever from me towards the negative comments as I do not get bothered one bit.

“I have never and will never get hurt by horrible comments. 

“I am so used to them and I am getting more comments that are nice than horrible ones recently. 

“There is not a single thing someone can say that will hurt me. 

“My mum, unfortunately, gets hurt by it though if she hears someone say something when we are out. 

“I have had negative things said about my really dark tan such as ‘It looks awful’, ‘too dark’ or ‘you look dirty/grubby’.

“I’m really happy with who I am, how I look, my personality and what I do for work.”

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