You have 20/20 vision and a high IQ if you can fetch the umbrella before everyone gets soaked in 7 seconds | The Sun

ONLY a genius can spot an umbrella hidden inside a forest under seven seconds.

Don't let the children get soaked in the rain!

Ready, set, begin! You have seven seconds exactly to find the umbrella.

This image is full of colourful objects that can distract you.

It's not easy to spot straight away as this illusion is created to test your observational skills.

Challenge your brain as you try to uncover the hidden item.

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This is a fun way to test your IQ as it has been claimed only a genius can solve this puzzle in time.

Such clever illustration can shed some light on how your brain perceives things.

Every human can see things differently forming separate perceptions based on their thinking.

Still looking? We'll give you a hint: you might want to look out for the background.

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Found it? Congratulations, you have an eagle eye and a genius mind!

Specific combinations of colours and patterns can trick our brain into seeing something that isn't there or on the flip, you might miss some details.

If you're still struggling to find the umbrella, then don't fret.

You can find the answer to this puzzle highlighted in the image below.

Want another brain teaser for your mind?

Try working out where the snail is in the busy park.

It's harder to find than you might think as the snail blends in the picture.

The trick is to quickly examine the details in the picture, one by one.

If you can crack it under 10 seconds, you have the high IQ of Sherlock Holmes.

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Or test your vision to spot strawberry in this summery image.

Two out of five players give up looking for a fruit in the eye-tricking puzzle.

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