Jeff Bezos' Phallic Blue Origin Blast Off Is Reminding Everyone of Dr. Evil

“If being shot into space in a Dr. Evil designed penis rocket is the end all be all of capitalism, maybe we messed up.”

Jeff Bezos blasted into space on Tuesday while Twitter launched it’s own take on the historic moment.

The Amazon founder successfully navigated his spaceship 60-miles plus into the sky and back to Earth for the inaugural trip of his private rocket company, Blue Origin.

“Best day ever,” the richest human on the planet exclaimed, as he and his crew of three landed safely in West Texas, completing the 10-minute journey.

While many were focused on story of the second billionaire (Richard Branson) in almost a week to go where only astronauts have gone before, social media couldn’t help but compare the Blue Origin spaceship to Dr. Evil’s rocket from “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” because of its likeness to human genitalia.

“Can’t look at Bezos’ ridiculously phallic Blue Origin rocket without thinking of the Austin Powers version,” wrote one follower alongside a clip from the 1999 comedy, while another shared, “That’s a bloody penis!! Even Dr Evil from Austin Powers was more subtle than that…”

The comparisons to the movie didn’t stop at the high-flying machinery though, as Bezos was pitched as the nemesis of the British spy himself.

“We were all too preocuppied [sic] with calling Jeff Bezos ‘Lex Luthor’ that we didn’t see the Dr. Evil picture forming before our eyes,” posted a Twitter user, with another succinctly adding, “How have we all missed that Jeff Bezos is actually just Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.”

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