How To Help Your Hairstylist Financially During Coronavirus

Whether you’re willing to try cutting your own bangs, attempting to dye your hair at home, or accepting defeat and leaving your hair untouched for the foreseeable future, you’re probably missing your hairstylist already — or will be soon. With salons shut down across the country, hairstylists are one of the many groups of workers left in the lurch of […]

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The Reason Why You Should Never Remove Your Lash Extensions At Home

Unless you were lucky enough to coincidentally have a lash extension appointment just before spas and salons started closing down, you’re probably getting close to the point where you’re noticing some sparseness—and wanting to take matters into your own hands. So let’s add this to the very long list of things we never thought we’d have to wonder about: Since […]

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Watch Eddie Hall Learn 10 Key Arm Wrestling Tips as He Trains for a World Class Match

Strongman Eddie Hall is challenging himself to master arm wrestling with the guidance of Neil Pickup, a three-time world arm wrestling champion. Hall is planning a match against Rob Vigeant Jr., the current middleweight World Armwrestling League champion. “You talk about strength and you talk about size, but in arm wrestling, size is not necessarily governed by the same parameters. […]

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