The truth about jawline fillers

Fillers are the latest cosmetic surgery trend for those who are looking to get a little fixer-upper work done on their faces without actually going under the knife. And, when done well, they can be pretty effective. While lip injections may be more familiar to you, there are actually quite a few other spots on your face where you can […]

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Halsey's Glittery Manic Bruise Is "Like a Badge of Honor" — Here's How She Creates the Look

Inspired by David Bowie’s fearlessness and Patti Smith’s androgyny, Halsey bravely takes on new beauty looks no matter how extreme, including the glittery bruise she gave herself on the cover of her latest albumManic. In a Vogue makeup tutorial, the “You Should Be Sad” singer shared exactly how she created the watercolor-like look and opened up about her inspiration behind […]

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