Living Proof Dry Shampoo Is a Game Changer for My Thin, Greasy Hair

For as long as I can remember, I've struggled to get my hair on a washing schedule. I have thin hair that gets greasy fast, so it's hard for me to go more than a day without cleaning it. I've tried various dry shampoos in the past to prolong the time between washes, but they all seemed to weigh down my hair and leave it looking flat. That is, until I tried the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. 

As soon as I sprayed the Living Proof dry shampoo on my hair for the first time, I knew it was different from all the other products I'd tried in the past. Within seconds, it gives my hair shine and raises my roots, making my hair look like I just got a fresh blowout. It soaks up all the visible dirt and grease, so I can wait another day before washing my hair again. Plus, it has a floral scent that makes my hair smell like I just stepped out of the shower. 

Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo

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To apply it, shake the can and then hold it 6 to 10 inches from your hair. You can spray it just on your part, or section off your hair if you have additional oily areas. I tend to hold the can as far away from my roots as possible, because I have dark brown hair and the shampoo occasionally leaves behind a white residue. If that happens, don't worry — simply run your fingers or a brush through your hair, and the excess powder will disappear. 

If you need more convincing on why you need this dry shampoo in your life, take it from the more than 2,100 shoppers who have given the Living Proof product a five-star rating. 

"My hair gets oily very fast, and I usually can't go without washing my hair every other night," one reviewer wrote. "I've been using this dry shampoo, and I haven't had to wash my hair in three nights. My hair looks cleaner and fuller with the dry shampoo in than it does when it is freshly washed and clean." 

"The Living Proof dry shampoo is life changing!" a second shopper shared. "I can easily go three to four days between washes. I have very fine hair with little volume and body, and now my hair looks so thick. I am hooked!"

Whether you have thin hair like me or thick, curly locks, the Living Proof dry shampoo will eliminate grease in between washes. I can now go a couple of days without washing my hair, and my previously dry locks are seriously thanking me.

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