This Em Cosmetics Color Drop Serum Blush Review Will Convince You To Give This Liquid Formula A Whirl

In the summer months, I make a point to push all powders to the back of my makeup collection, so as to prioritize creams and liquids with a more natural look and lightweight feel. As a seasoned makeup veteran, I thought I had all my favorites on lock, but this Em Cosmetics Color Drop Serum Blush review has allowed me to add one new product to my lineup of Holy Grails. What happens when a brand mixes great shades, cute packaging, a unique formula, and flawless payoff? My new favorite blushes. That’s what happens, thank you very much.

When I hear the word "serum," my mind immediately goes to skincare, so when Em Cosmetics — the beauty brand started by the OG beauty YouTuber, Michelle Phan — announced the name of their new blush product, I was shook. The Color Drops Serum Blush ($25, looks and wears like makeup, but the formula is inspired by the lightweight slip of a serum, and the ingredients often included in a ton of skincare faves. Sacha Inchi oil, squalane, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E are all personal faves in my skincare routine, so to hear they’d all made their way into the formula of a new blush definitely piqued my interest.

Then, I saw the too-cute-for-words packaging, and I was beyond sold:

That playful circular bottle! That hygenic dropper! I knew I wanted to try this baby out ASAP.

Color Drops Serum Blush in "Sunset Sky"


Em Cosmetics

The Color Drops Serum Blushes come in four shades, and believe me, I have my favorites:

"Sunset Sky," described by the brand as a warm coral, is the kind of subtle sunburn warmth that summer dreams are made of. It’s my favorite, despite the fact that I was originally quite intimidated by the dark red pigment in the bottle. "Rose Milk," the safest bet of the bunch, is a blush pink I can see myself wearing year-round for the perfect no-makeup makeup flush, and so it earns my second-favorite spot. I’m not much of a purple glam-lover, but even I have to admit "Soft Amethyst," the brand’s berry hue, blends out like a dream, with the perfect amount of cool-toned pigment, so that shade ranks third for me. Last but not really least, "Pink Nectar," described as a watermelon pink, is exactly that. You can certainly sheer it out for a more subtle look, but this color is only for those of us bold enough to attempt a pink more vibrant than classic "Rose Milk" already provides. What can I say, I’m a wimp.

It’s only four shades, and yet I’d argue that Em Cosmetics has managed to create a universal palette to suit any and all skin tones and makeup looks, since you can sheer these out or amp them up:

Now, allow me to show off some swatches. If you’re a beauty hoarder like me, you’ve definitely experienced a finicky dropper every now and then, so allow me to share some advice. Rather than simply clicking the top of the blush cap and expecting a ton of pigment, I recommend pressing down on it for a few seconds before releasing, so the product can build up in the dropper and more can be dispensed. A little goes a long way regardless, but I noticed this trick does help.

Here’s "Sunset Sky," "Rose Milk," "Soft Amethyst," and "Pink Nectar," freshly dispensed, from top to bottom:

Here’s a lil blending action:

And here they are really sheered out. I stained this bedsheet in the process of swatching these for y’all, FYI:

These babies give off Glossier Cloud Paint vibes in the sense that they’re super pigmented and blend with ease, but with a wet, more liquidy base. When applying them on the skin, I have a few key tips. Liquid formulas like these do not sit well on top of powder, so if you’re the kind of person that needs to powder your base, I advise spritzing a little setting spray on top of your powder to reset the skin before dabbing this blush overtop. I also recommend applying and blending this out one cheek at a time, since the long-wearing formula dries down fast. Lastly, I recommend starting off with a little and blending it out fully before going in with more to up the ante. A small dab goes a long way, and if you overdo it, it’s hard to tone it down.

Here’s me serving ~natural~ sunburn realness wearing "Sunset Sky." I’m obsessed:

All in all, these babies get a big thumbs up from me, and if you’re interested in snagging a bottle for yourself, you can shop them now on the Em Cosmetics website.

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