Watch Brie Larson Show Off Her Upper Body Strength With a Weighted Pullup

Brie Larson may boast superhuman powers as Captain Marvel in the MCU, but the real-world strength she frequently demonstrates in the gym off the screen is nearly as impressive. In her latest Instagram post, Larson showed off some of the upper body gains she’s been working hard to build up over the past few months.

In the video, the 31-year-old star performs the move with her legs bent and a weightlifting chain draped across her lap, holding the position for several seconds. She then lowers herself a few inches, holding that position for a few more seconds, and repeats the sequence once more before finally releasing.

“Not so bad,” Larson’s trainer, Jason Walsh, observes as the clip concludes. (Walsh somehow avoided being snapped out of existence for this casual understatement.) In the caption to the photo, Larson revealed one source of her motivation—and surprisingly, it wasn’t an Infinity Stone. “Only @mileycyrus can bring out my superhuman strength needed to complete @risemovement’s workouts.”

In the comments, fans were quick to show their admiration.“It’s confirmed Brie Larson can actually photon blast in real life, it’s actually not CGI,” one wrote.

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It’s hardly the first time Larson has gone viral for performing the deceptively simple movement. In 2019, she also displayed some impressive grip strength while doing another pullup variation as part of her Captain Marvel training. Earlier this year, she also shared a closer look at what the rest of her routine looks like, which includes classic weight training exercises like chest presses, rows, triceps kickbacks, and more.

As for what’s ahead, Larson likely still has a little bit of time before the cameras start rolling on the sequel. Captain Marvel 2—also known as The Marvels— is set to begin filming soon after a long hiatus due to COVID-19.

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