‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Amy Slaton's Husband Michael Halterman Files for Divorce

amy slaton michael halterman

“1000-Lb. Sisters” star Amy Slaton‘s hubby Michael Halterman is callin’ it quits on their marriage — he recently filed for divorce.

Michael filed last week in Union County, Kentucky, TMZ has confirmed … starting the process to officially end their 6-year marriage.

Amy Halterman amy stallon

Fans of the hit TLC series remember the couple eloped 2 years before their 2019 wedding, which was a highlight of the show — Amy and Michael had been longtime lovers, and as kids, they grew up together.

Amy and her sister Tammy were gunning for weight loss surgery, with Amy getting medical approval — and losing over 100 pounds — with the goal of being able to have a kid with Michael, which eventually came to fruition.

Amy Halterman

She gave birth to their first son, Gage, in 2020 — and the divorce comes on the heels of Amy giving birth to their 2nd son, Glenn Allen, last July.

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