A Grown-Up Dannielyn Birkhead Was At The Messy Kentucky Derby Yesterday

We’re all officially old because the late, great Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielyn Birkhead looks old enough to drive. Ok, she’s actually only 12 but it seems like yesterday all that sadness with both Anna and her son passing was going on and Dannielyn was the one bright spot in a terrible situation. Well, that was a while ago and she looks lovely posing here, wearing her mom’s hat, with father Larry Birkhead at yesterday’s bizarro Kentucky Derby.

Here’s 12-year-old Dannielynn working her mom’s hat before the Derby, which she and her dad have been going to for years.

That door is rad. Did you know that the Birkheads lived in Dr. Strange’s vacation home? Me neither.

Speaking of the derby. The Kentucky Derby seems like it’s just an occasion for people to dress whimsically-fancy and model ridiculous hats while drinking a lot and barely paying attention to tortured horsies risking broken limbs and possible death to amuse them. In actuality, it’s also got a race component to it and yesterday’s derby made history but not in a good way.

According to CBS Sports, horse Maximum Security and his jockey Luis Saez looked like the big winners at first, winning four out of four races. Maximum was ready to prance up there for the trophy and to get his saddlebags filled with money when the needle scratched across the record. Jockey Flavien Prat and his horse Country House lodged an objection saying that Maximum had messed with the other horses on the final turn. And history was made.

But the victory lap lasted all of about 15 minutes, as a rider’s objection led to the first disqualification in the history of the Derby, at least in terms of alleged race-track infractions. Deemed to have interfered with several horses during his first-place finish, Maximum Security was promptly stripped of his title — with 65-to-1 long-shot Country House, a surprise contender down the stretch, taking the actual “W.”

A sad day for one horse. Watch this vid of Country House being led to the winner’s circle and Maximum Security being led dejectedly away. It’s like the equine version of the end of the 2017 Oscars.

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