ABC’s Paula Faris responds to pregnancy rumors

ABC News anchor Paula Faris has addressed the rumor that she is pregnant after many viewers questioned whether she has a baby bump.

Faris took to Instagram on Monday to reveal to her 120,000 followers that she is…not pregnant.

“While it may look like I’m pregnant, and I get asked about it, I’m not. Nor am I ashamed of that “mommy” tummy that’s carried three babies.”

Fans were quick to respond to the ABC correspondent with messages of support, with one commenting on the Instagram post, “You are one of the prettiest women on tv! Who cares about your stomach?? You’re beautiful inside and out.”

Others thanked Faris for her honesty with other women sharing their insecurities about their post-pregnancy body. “You look beautiful!” one commenter wrote, “Wish my ‘mommy tummy’ looked like yours.”

The 43-year-old ABC correspondent has been married since 2000 and has three children. She speaks openly about her Christian faith and has a podcast called the Journeys Of Faith Podcast. There had been lots of questions online about Faris being pregnant, forcing the longtime anchor to address the rumor.

Faris was the co-anchor for Good Morning America Weekend for four years until late 2018. She has continued to report for ABC as well as host her podcast.

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