Akbar V Denies Getting Jumped and Robbed in Philadelphia

Prior to this, Akbar got a fake vacate notice from Philly resident following her fight with ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star Alexis Skyy as Akbar called Alexis’ daughter ‘a braindead baby.’

AceShowbizAkbar V is living unbothered in Philadelphia. Taking to her Twitter account on Sunday, June 6, the raptress made it clear that no one attacked nor robbed her unlike what was said around. “B***h I’m from bleedland ave ain’t nobody ever raned me out nowhere ain’t nobody ever took anything from me not even played with me. y’all got to stop playing like that,” Akbar insisted.

In another tweet, she also called the rumors a lie as she responded to a tweet which read, “Soooo @akbar___v Got jumped last night in my city #Philly oh wow.” Dubbing it “cap,” Akbar added, “y’all start anything and everything I’m in my city ain’t nobody playing with me like that stank.”

When someone else accused her of lying for not getting attacked, Akbar clapped back, “Girl f**k u how i get jumped and been in my city for days ho go play.” She went on to say, “I heard it’s N***a out here want to touch me i can’t tell cause i be where they at.”

Prior to this, Akbar got a fake vacate notice from Philly resident following her fight with Alexis Skyy. In the fanmade notice, it was stated that “the reasons for giving this notice” were, “Arguing over food, pretending to be from here, mocking religion with prayer hands, fighting, wearing the same bra, horrible rapping and over staying welcome.” The notice, which was signed by “The Whole Philly,” demanded that Akbar leave the city by June 6.

In response to the clownery, Akbar claimed in an Instagram Live on Wednesday, June 2, “Still in Philly, I ain’t got touched.” Laughing it off, she went on to say, “I can’t get evicted, I paid my rent… I got a spot out here now. I’m focused on my music. I gotta shoot two videos and I gotta do–don’t ask me about none of that drama! It was a couple days ago. I don’t wanna hear that.”

Akbar landed in hot water after she called Alexis’ daughter Alaiah, who was born with Hydrocephalus, “a braindead baby” and “a r******d child.” She also accused the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star of doing drugs when she was pregnant.

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