Alan Titchmarsh: Love Your Garden star suffers broken ankle months after vital surgery

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Alan Titchmarsh is best known for transforming gardens into stunning landscapes on his ITV show Love Your Garden. The small-screen star has now opened up about a recent injury which has set him back from tending to his flowers.

The 71-year-old revealed he “slipped” and broke his ankle while in his garden.

The gardening guru’s admission comes after he was forced to undergo vital knee surgery, two years ago.

Following his recent injury, Alan has been having to hobble around on crutches since breaking his ankle.

The gardening expert added that it is not the only injury he has suffered as he also has “blackened fingernails” and “stabbing pains in my back”.

“The thing that occupies me at the moment is the broken ankle I incurred this week when slipping on our dew-laden lawn,” Alan said.

The ITV star also detailed his various gardening mishaps which have resulted in an injury.

“Blackened fingernails, lacerated arms and legs from confrontations with well-armed rose bushes, stabbing pains in the back from carrying paving slabs and large posts,” he told the Mirror.

Alan was forced to undergo knee surgery last year due to all the time he spent bending down doing gardening.

He explained that all the “damaged tissue and cartilage” had to be removed.

Alan said at the time: “I have had what is known as knee arthroscopy on both my knees and my surgeon did it to investigate the reason for my knee pain.

“While he was doing it he removed all my damaged tissue and cartilage – I had it all cleared out and they feel so much better.”

The TV star added: “I’ve got bad knees as a result of a lot of kneeling over the years from gardening and it has got a bit frayed in there but I am a spring chicken again now.”


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Alan has previously opened up about another incident which occured while gardening, as he revealed he almost broke his finger.

“I was inserting a stout wooden stake into a prepared hole for a standard tree and holding the sledge hammer at the top of the handle right against the post,” the presenter explained.

He added in his Gardeners’ World column: “My hand slipped and the full weight of the hammer came down, sandwiching my middle finger between post and shaft.

“The air was blue. The finger was blue. Squashed, but not broken.”

More recently, Alan addressed his health battle after 60 years of gardening and revealed he has had to pay the price.

“I get a bit of backache from 60 years of gardening,” he admitted.

However, his passion for horticulture hasn’t dwindled, adding: “I’m in my garden every day when I’m not away.

“The problem is that when you love what you do, work is more fun.”

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