Ari Lennox Surprise-Drops New EP Featuring Summer Walker Collab Queen Space

Ari Lennox surprised fans on Wednesday night (August 31) by dropping a new five-song EP Away Message, that contains a track, “Queen Space,” featuring Summer Walker.

“Off the internet until 9/9 so here’s my away message to you all,” Lennox wrote on Instagram, referring to the date of her impending full-length record Age/Sex/Location. “New EP to hold you over until the album, love ya.”

The singer also revealed the cover art on Instagram.

Ahead of dropping the track, Lennox posted a video of J. Cole in the studio with her and producer Elite, originally shared by Dreamville Records co-founder and J. Cole’s manager Ib Hamad.

“I can’t wait ’til this sh-t come out,” Cole says in the clip.

“I just remembered I had my camera with me when Cole linked up with Ari and Elite to finish up Queen Space,” Ib tweeted. “I love this shot and the excitement Cole has everytime he hears this song so I had to share this clip atleast. Queen Space @arilennox x @IAMSUMMERWALKER dropping in 30min.”

Walker also shared a snippet of the song on Twitter, getting the seal of approval from Lennox herself.

Lennox and Walker previously teamed up on Walker’s 2021 track “Unloyal,” from the album Still Over It.

(Photo: Ally Green)

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