Ben Affleck Looks Upset After Crashing Into Starbucks Sign During Coffee Run With Jennifer Lopez

The ‘Argo’ star/director gets into a minor incident as he apparently attempts to escape paparazzi when trying to roll up to the drive-thru to make an order.

AceShowbizBen Affleck and Jennifer Lopez didn’t seem to have the best date recently. The newly-engaged couple’s coffee date was ruined after the Oscar-winning writer had a small accident at Starbucks.

On Wednesday, April 14, Ben and Jen were driving to one of the coffee shops in West Los Angeles. When trying to roll up to the drive-thru, the 49-year-old actor crashed into a Starbucks sign, apparently while attempting to escape the paparazzi tailing them.

In a video obtained by TMZ from their outing, Ben, who was behind the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz, tried to drive backwards as he was navigating a tricky turn when his tire ran over the sign. The metal sign got stuck in the rim of his luxury ride and he had to stop.

Ben, with his window rolled down, seemingly was about to get out of the car before one of the shutterbugs came rushing to his aid. The cameraman put his camera down and tried to pull out the bent metal out of the Mercedes’ rims.

Ben was heard telling the paparazzo “thanks” and “appreciate” the assistance, before asking if he’s cleared on that side. When he’s about to drive forward, another cameraman warned him about the other side. “Be careful with this rim on this side,” the paparazzo said while still filming the couple with his camera.

Ben then put his cigarette back into his mouth before rolling up his window, ignoring the cameraman’s question and congratulation on their engagement. He stopped at the window for a brief moment but was seemingly dispirited when noticing the cameras. The “Triple Frontier” star passed the drive-thru and didn’t make an order, speeding off into the distance instead.

J.Lo, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was barely seen from the camera angle, but she appeared to be calm and kept a stoic expression during the whole time they were filmed.

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