Bijou Phillips 'Devastated' – Was 'Convinced' Danny Masterson Was Telling The Truth & Would Be Found Innocent

Danny Masterson‘s wife Bijou Phillips really thought he’d be found innocent…

As you know, the That ’70s Show alum was convicted of forcible rape three years after he was accused. He was charged with three counts of felony rape with his crimes happening between 2001-2003 according to legal docs, during the height of his fame. He pleaded not guilty at the time, insisting that these allegations were merely that, but on Wednesday that all came crashing down when he was found guilty on two of the three charges during a retrial — and now he’s facing 30 to life.

Such an awful situation, one that’s hard for so many of us to process, but we’re glad his victims are finally getting justice. Sadly, though, the one that seems to be having the most trouble stomaching this is Danny’s wife Bijou.

The 43-year-old actress broke down into tears during court when the jury announced their verdict, showing her horror at the entire ordeal. And on Friday, close sources to the couple for went into detail about her “devastation”:

“Bijou is treating the results of the trial against her husband as a death. The devastation and reality of it all are at a level that you’d never even imagine.”

The insider went on to reveal that Bijou was “convinced” her husband was telling the truth:

“She’s had Danny’s back through this whole process and never thought this would be the result. She was convinced he was telling the truth and that the jury would agree.”

To be married to someone for over a decade and then find out something like this… it’s unimaginable.

Bijou reportedly just “can’t make sense” of what her life will look like from here on out — and she’s worried about her and Danny’s 8-year-old daughter Fianna and how her life will look with her dad behind bars:

“Her life has completely changed knowing that her husband and the father of their daughter Fianna may be in jail for the rest of his life. It is to Bijou something that is catastrophic to her current way of life. She can’t even make sense of it.”

Bijou and Danny go way back, meeting at a poker tournament in Las Vegas in 2004. They dated until he proposed in 2009, then wed in 2011 in an intimate ceremony alongside their friends and loved ones.

We’re sending light Bijou and Fianna as they try and navigate this adjustment.

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