BTS Revealed How Their Celebrity Selves Are Different Than Their Normal Selves

Celebrities all around the world have been known to put up personas when in the public eye. As such, sometimes it can be hard for fans to tell the difference between a celebrity persona and their normal self. BTS addressed this question last year and revealed to fans what these differences are.

BTS shared there are differences between their celebrity and normal selves

In June 2019, during a celebration event for their debut anniversary, BTS uploaded a video of themselves eating together. While eating, the members also took turns answering a variety of questions. One such question concerned the differences between the members’ celebrity and normal selves.

According to Jungkook, his celebrity side “shines bright” compared to his normal side, which is more “insignificant.” Jungkook pointed out that, when he was younger, he was not a good student, and even now he has no interest in studying. It seems this contributed to his view about his normal self.

Meanwhile, Jin also noted that his celebrity self is “cheerful” and always tries to make jokes. However, his normal self is more “dark.” He said, “Many people tell me I’m different as Kim Seokjin than how I appear as Jin.”

J-Hope revealed that his stage name has had an effect on who he is as a person—as in, he became a more happy and hopeful person. However, he noted that it does make him “pressured” sometimes as he can’t be upbeat all the time.

Like the other members, Jimin’s celebrity persona is more “assertive” and “confident.” He also touched on his concerns about where his celebrity persona ends and where his normal self begins. “I don’t know whether to separate that or to stay the same,” he said.

BTS has talked about the pressure of fame

Although BTS has been able to gain a lot from being famous, it’s clear the members still face some problems as well. They have also been open about some challenges they deal with as celebrities.

For Suga, being famous comes with restrictions on what he can do. He once shared on BTS’s docu-series Break the Silence that he is “jealous” of people who can freely go anywhere any time.

“I’m really jealous of people who can go out to eat, travel, go to the movies with friends, and things like that,” Suga said, according to Koreaboo. “Those things are really special to me because I find them hard to do… You gain as much as you lose, and vice versa. It’s a loss of the ordinary. That’s been the biggest change. What’s ordinary to others is special to me, whereas what’s special to others is very ordinary to me.”

Meanwhile, Jungkook has shared that he constantly feels the pressure to present a perfect image of himself.

“I realized that I should think twice before I do anything, and not forget where I am, no matter what situation I may be in,” he told Paper Magazine. “The pressure [of being perfect] is always there.”

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