Cat Marnell’s dad once spent $62K to ‘fix’ her life

Murdering her own life cost a pretty penny.

In a since-deleted tweet, Cat Marnell opened up about how much of her own money her father had to spend in order to “fix” the mess she had created while grappling with drug addiction in the fashion industry.

“One time I got a check for $80K and I just numbly handed it to my responsible-as-f dad and croaked ‘just do what you need to do to fix everything,’” she wrote on Thursday. “A week later he put remaining $18K in my surrreal [sic].”

Though she removed any trace of the original tweet, the 36-year-old “How to Murder Your Life” author continued to open up about her “blasé” attitude toward money and finances.

“omg, it was so amazing at Conde [Nast] when they took the money from our checks … this is $20K to NY state I just never set up a plan .. I have plan with federal .. I sent a $40K check to NY last year and just cackled because it felt so crazy .. yes I’m BLASE,” she tweeted in response to a follower who related to her attitude.

She later added, “oh and don’t forget unpaid ambulance bills from the FDNY – they f–k up your credit score too.”

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