Chris Evans: ‘Past the point of no return’ Virgin Radio DJ’s accidental dig at marriage

Chris Evans and his team were discussing virtual dating as the coronavirus pandemic has sent countries around the world into lockdown. With people unable to go outside to socialise, the dating game has changed quite drastically.

People are saying we could have virtual marriages! Some of us are past the point of no return though…

Chris Evans

Referring to a listener’s message who explained how she was getting on with dating amid the foreseeable lockdown, Chris was impressed that it was going well considering the limiting circumstances.

“She is continuing her courting online,” he read.

“So, she did whatever you need to do to meet someone online nowadays and she’s got a date in lockdown!

“They had their first last weekend and it went very well, and they have another virtual date this weekend.


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Although impressed, the former BBC host wondered if the pair would get so used to seeing each other virtually that meeting face to face when this is over might never happen.

“Now if it carried on going this well, will you ever meet?” he laughed, as he pondered the possibility of it never happening.

But he applauded people who are adapting to our new way of life and taking the dating game to a whole new level.

The father-of-five explained a lot of people are getting involved with virtual dating and are thinking about taking it further if necessary.

“People are saying we could have virtual marriages!

“Some of us are past the point of no return though…”

Suddenly he stopped and gasped loudly.

“Did I say that out loud?!” he whispered.

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“I didn’t mean it like that!”

Whether Chris meant that as a slight to his wife Natasha or as a dig at him getting older we can’t be sure, although he seemed to put his foot in it even more with his next statement.

“We can no longer virtualise our marriages because they are already physical,” he noted.

His co-star Vassos Alexander suddenly chimed in, hooting with laughter.


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“Nor would we want to!” he exclaimed loudly, making it very clear to his own family that they were joshing around.

“Omg and neither would we want to!” Chris repeated, bewildered at what he was saying.

He took a final deep breath and calmly exhaled: “Why would we want to do that?” he questioned with a smile before hastily moving on.

Don’t panic Chris, we all know you were joking!

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