Christine Baumgartner charged a forensic accountant to Kevin Costners credit card

I’m lowkey obsessed with Christine Baumgartner these days. Christine filed for divorce from Kevin Costner in early May, in what was apparently a total shock to him. It’s looking more and more like Christine only filed for divorce when she had all of her ducks in a row – this wasn’t done on a whim, this wasn’t half-assed. She has a divorce lawyer and she’s listening to everything the lawyer is saying, that’s what it sounds like. In the six weeks since she filed for divorce, Christine has not moved from the $145 million Carpinteria, California home she shared with Costner. While the home is in his name alone (he purchased it years before they married), that’s the home where Christine has been raising their three minor children. Costner has gone to court to evict Christine and force her to adhere to the terms of their 2004 prenup. Christine is saying nuh-uh, not so fast. The Daily Mail had even more about the situation, including a hilarious detail about Christine using one of Kevin’s credit cards to charge for a forensic accountant. ‘Atta girl!!!

Kevin Costner’s divorce from estranged wife Christine Baumgartner just got explosive, with claims that star is now ‘homeless’, she splurged $95k on his credit card and has a restraining order against him. In court papers seen by the actor’s lawyers claim that they have made ‘multiple offers’ to get his wife to move out of the former marital home – but have failed to reach agreement with Christine, 49. a model turned handbag designer, leaving him effectively homeless.

Costner, 68, remarks: ‘this is surprising and disheartening to me.’ He adds: ‘I was married once before and, upon separation, found myself without home base and unable to live in my own home. I never wanted this to happen again. ‘

Costner is worth $250 million and under the terms of the prenup, signed in 2004, she was to leave his properties if they split and relocate, using a $1.2 million fund to find a new house. Costner alleges that she is in breach of that agreement – saying that he now wishes to move back into the huge house which they shared. She was spotted at the property yesterday.

The lawyers said: ‘ What is happening now is exactly what he and Christine contracted to avoid in the event their marriage failed. Christine has accepted the benefits of the PMA (pre marital agreement ) over the years, but now refuses to accept this one burden’.

Both sides seem to be preparing for a ‘War of the Roses’ style legal battle over their huge $145 million house in Carpinteria, California. It is owned solely by Costner and he bought it in 1988, long before their 2004 wedding. Costner, filming in Utah for the past few months, is complaining that he needs a home as he will be off location from early June. Extraordinarily, he says that he was made homeless during his last divorce. The house next door, also owned by him, is used he says as a place to edit films.

Costner alleges that following their separation she ‘charged $95,000’ to his credit card ‘without prior notice to me.’ That money was spent on lawyers and on a forensic accountant.

Meanwhile Costner claims she wants the world to see the financial details of the pre-nuptial agreement which they signed. He says that would put him under risk of ‘irreparable harm’ from fraudsters or burglars, and be likely to attract unwanted and embarrassing global media attention.

[From The Daily Mail]

Please, this is hysterical. Kevin Costner is an idiot. All he had to do was be the bigger man and treat his estranged wife – and mother of his three youngest children! – with respect, and none of this would be in the public sphere. Costner is the one running to court, crying about how he’ll be HOMELESS. Dude owns plenty of other properties, including the house adjacent to the family home Christine is apparently now squatting in. I have no idea if Christine’s endgame is to get that house in the divorce, but it’s asinine for Costner to demand that Christine move out immediately, before they’ve even BEGUN to negotiate the terms of their divorce. The thing about the forensic accountant is f–king gold too – what a self-own for Costner to admit that in court documents. “Your honor, she charged a forensic accountant’s services to my credit card when I was trying to financially screw her over and hide my assets!!”

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