Cillian Murphys SAG-AFTRA strike activities: I stayed home, eating cheese

One of the funniest things about the very beginning of the SAG-AFTRA strike is that Cillian Murphy felt nothing but sweet relief. The strike was called just as Barbie was wrapping up their promotion, but Oppenheimer still had several weeks to go. Even though Barbenheimer was released on the same day, the cast of Oppenheimer still had a weeks-long global promotional tour planned, one which was canceled as soon as the strike was called. While Cillian Murphy was and is proud of Oppenheimer, getting this Irishman to promote anything is like pulling teeth. Now the strike is over and Cillian has to do all of the awards-season stuff, like Q&A sessions during Oscar-voter screenings. Which is where he revealed what he did during the strike:

Cillian Murphy might not have realized he was munching on some girl dinner and supporting his good bone structure most of the summer. In a Los Angeles Q&A screening of Oppenheimer, Murphy explained that he dealt with the SAG-AFTRA Strike by “staying at home, eating cheese,” as it was called during the London premiere of the film. Emily Blunt, who was also in attendance, asked when he stopped eating cheese, to which Murphy replied, “Yesterday,” a.k.a. ten days after the strike officially ended.

[From Vulture]

The fact that no one asked a follow-up question about what kind of cheese… what are these Q&A sessions even for, if not that? While cheese is not my jam (most cheeses make me hurl) I respect the fact that once the strike was called, Cillian flew back home to Ireland, sat in a chair and ate cheese for five months. He’s going to hate the next three months of Oscar-campaigning too, my God. Someone get this man a truck full of cheese.

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