Cody Simpson Mentions Ex Girlfriend Gigi Hadid in New Interview

Cody Simpson mentioned his time with model Gigi Hadid in a new interview.

If you don’t know, Cody and Gigi dated for about a year in 2014 but then called it quits. They then rekindled their romance briefly in 2015 before breaking up again.

While speaking with the Sydney Morning Herald, Cody said, “When it comes to relationships, I do like to be in them, but I’ve had some time alone, too. In order to have a successful relationship, you have to know how to be your own person. You don’t want to be half a person trying to find another half to complement you.”

He continued, “I dated Gigi Hadid for two years and have always enjoyed being with independent women who are strong individuals. I have never really been heartbroken in the deepest sense, but I have been disappointed in relationships.”

Cody also mentioned his current girlfriend, stating, “Being with Miley [Cyrus] is a wonderful thing in my life. She is creative and inspiring, fiercely independent and encourages me to be my own person, too. We are both creative individuals who support one another with our work.”

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