Dan Wootton responds to Bylines report as his employers look into the allegations

Monday afternoon/evening, Byline Investigates dropped their first piece in a three-part exposé on Dan Wootton. Wootton has spent the past decade slithering up the British media ladder, working for News of the World, the Sun, the Daily Mail and GB News. His current employers are the Mail, where he writes a weekly column, and GB News, where he’s a nightly TV presenter. Byline has apparently been investigating rumors and reports about Wootton’s behavior for a while now, and Byline has extensive sourcing on Wootton’s alleged behavior as a blackmailer, catfisher and someone who used the pseudonym Martin Branning to solicit nude photos of his colleagues. Like, even if we’re simply going with Byline’s straight reporting, the story is incredibly bonkers. It’s even darker and more twisted when you take into account Alex Truby’s (Wootton’s ex-boyfriend) story.

So, Byline Investigates dropped their story on Monday. Throughout the day Tuesday, people waited to see which outlets would pick it up and whether Wootton’s employers would do anything. Finally, the Guardian reported that the Sun and MailOnline are “looking into the allegations.” The Sun’s statement was: “We are looking into the allegations made in recent days. We are not able to make any further comment at this stage.” MailOnline’s spokesperson said: “We are aware of the allegations and are looking into them.” The Guardian also notes that they’ve been investigating Wootton for three years and they’ve spoken to “multiple individuals working in the media who say they have been approached online by a person using the name Martin Branning.”

Soon after the Guardian reported all of that, Dan Wootton came on air on GB News and he devoted his opening segment to the unfolding catastrophe of his life and evil deeds. Wootton is the worst kind of sleazy pig: he thinks he’s being so clever, he thinks his white male privilege will make his sanctimonious lies believable, and he thinks that he’s a great liar. He’s not.

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Photos courtesy of GB News.

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