Daycare Workers Who Scared Kids with 'Horror' Masks Charged with Felonies

Halloween is now super scary for the 4 daycare workers who scared the crap out of children at a Mississippi childcare facility … because they’re now facing felony charges and possible prison time.

The 4 women are facing 3 counts each of felony child abuse. As you see in the video, which has exploded online, one of the women in a horror mask terrifies the little kids — who look like they’re 3 or 4 years old. The kids understandably lose it … screaming and crying.

Masked Daycare Workers …

Another daycare worker is facing 2 misdemeanor charges — failure to report abuse and simple assault.

All of the employees were fired by the daycare owner.

What’s interesting … whether the parents of the kids will sue for infliction of emotional distress.  Seems like kind of a layup.

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