Eric Weddle, Antonio Brown Twitter fight breaks out after Golden Tate retweet

It’s been a few days since Antonio Brown’s Twitter rant, so it seems only fitting that a new battle would break out on the day of Thursday Night Football.

AB got into a war of words online with current NFL player Eric Weddle. It all started from a Golden Tate retweet too. Here’s what happened between the fired wide receiver and Weddle on Thursday.

Eric Weddle vs. Antonio Brown Twitter battle

It all started with Antonio Brown’s latest tweet in which he claimed the game needed him like “test answers.” Current New York Giants receiver Golden Tate got in on the fun with a simple “What?” reply to that AB tweet.

Eric Weddle jumped in with a reply to Tate’s retweeted AB comment with “Def. don’t.”

That brought in a fan to reply that Weddle can’t guard Brown. However, Weddle had the classic response setting the fan straight, “Don’t need to. isn’t on a team.” He’s got a point there.

Here’s how it all continued on as Antonio Brown and Eric Weddle kept up their Twitter banter.

During the exchange, AB also reminded Weddle of the time he gave him a stiff arm to the neck in a game.

Weddle did his best to silence things, though, as he informed Brown he’s actually got an NFL game to get ready for and wished him “good luck” at Central Michigan University.

Brown fired back that Weddle must be an “AB fan” and told him to “focus on your opponent not AB!”

Will Antonio Brown return to the NFL?

That said, Eric Weddle and the Los Angeles Rams will get ready for a Sunday home game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Antonio Brown will watch, or tweet, from home. He recently indicated he was no longer playing in the NFL anymore.

However, there are reports that Brown still might return to play in the NFL. On a recent episode of ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith gave the hot take that he could see AB returning to play for his former team the Pittsburgh Steelers or possibly to the Dallas Cowboys.

That news comes after this past Sunday’s tweet where Brown said he was done playing in the NFL after his release from the New England Patriots.

From there, he unleashed a major Twitter rant in which he called out situations involving former teammate Ben Roethlisberger, FS1 analyst Shannon Sharpe, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

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