EXC: Bianca Censori's parents find Kanye West 'slightly disturbing'

EXCLUSIVE Bianca Censori’s parents found her husband Kanye West ‘disturbing’ and feared their daughter was a ‘rebound’ after his divorce from Kim Kardashian – as it’s revealed he STILL hasn’t visited her home in Australia

  • Bianca’s parents – Alexandra and Leo – live in Australia and have met Kanye once 
  • Kanye reunited with Bianca, 28, after nearly a month apart in Dubai last month
  • The couple are getting ready to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary 
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Kanye West’s relationship with Bianca Censori raised concerns for her parents, who insiders claim found the controversial rapper ‘disturbing’ and feared their daughter was simply a rebound in the wake of his divorce from ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

The couple secretly married on December 20 last year – just one month after he finalized his separation from Kim, with whom he has four children.

‘Bianca’s mother and father find Kanye to be slightly disturbing,’ a source close to the Yeezy architect told DailyMail.com exclusively.

‘Her parents found it suspect that he married Bianca one month after his divorce from Kim was finalized. They really didn’t want Bianca to be his rebound from such a high-profile marriage.’

Kanye West, 46, reunited with wife Bianca Censori, 28, in Dubai last weekend (seen here). Their reunion was met with scandal over Ye’s alleged anti-Semitic lyrics to his new song Vultures

Bianca’s mother Alexandra Censori (seen here in Australia) thinks that Kanye’s anti-Semitic comments ‘are disturbing,’ a source told DailyMail.com exclusively

Bianca’s dad Leo Censori (pictured here) thinks Kanye is an ‘okay guy’ and ‘appreciates that he puts Bianca’s safety before anything else,’ the source said

Kanyewith his ex-wife Kim Kardashian with whom he has four children. The couple divorced in November last year

Kanye’s anti-Semitic outbursts have also proved contentious for Bianca’s mother, Alexandra, and her father, Leo, with the rapper yet to visit them in their native Australia over fears he will be denied a visa owing to the ongoing offensive behavior.

His tirade against Jewish people started last year when he vowed on Twitter to go ‘death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.’ 

He later told Piers Morgan he only meant to take aim at specific Jews, who he felt had exploited him.

After one rant saw him deny the Holocaust, Dvir Abramovich, chairman of Jewish lobby group the Anti-Defamation Commission in Australia, called for Immigration Minister David Giles to refuse him entry to the country.

‘Australia should not put out the welcome mat and provide a platform to a hatemonger who spews threats against the Jewish community and peddles conspiracy myths about Jewish power, greed and control,’ he said.

‘Of course Bianca’s parents worry about her jetting all over the world with him, especially when he has gained so many enemies due to his actions,’ the source said.

But, Kanye hasn’t completely lost the support of his in-laws, who supposedly recognize how much their daughter is in love with the musician.

According to the insider, Bianca’s father- who is a well-known former gangster – ‘ultimately thinks that Kanye is an okay guy.’ 

Kanye performed alongside rappers Lil Durk and Ty Dolla $ign at a club in Dubai last weekend (pictured here), belting out the lyrics: ‘How am I anti-Semitic? I just f***ed a Jewish b****’

Bianca and Kanye (seen here in Dubai) married one year ago in December 2022, According to the source, her parents found it ‘suspect’ that he married Bianca right after finalizing a divorce

‘Bianca’s dad appreciates Kanye’s power and the fact that, despite his immense fame, he puts Bianca’s safety before anything else,’ they said.

‘Bianca’s mother Alexandra also had plenty of people who told her that she shouldn’t marry Leo back in the day because of his reputation and, luckily, she didn’t listen. 

‘They know that Bianca does love this man and, in the end, that is what is most important to the both of them.’

Kanye met his in-laws in July when he flew them out to Tokyo, Japan, with her siblings.

Earlier this month, DailyMail.com revealed how Bianca plans to defend her husband against anti-Semitism allegations ‘until the end of time,’ despite him appearing to double down on his slew of problematic remarks with an offensive new lyric about ‘f***ing’ a Jewish person.

The Australian beauty was reunited with her spouse in Dubai where she watched him perform his new track, Vultures, alongside Lil Durk and Ty Dolla $ign earlier this month.

Videos shared online captured Kanye belting out the lyrics: ‘How can I be anti-Semitic? I just f***ed a Jewish b****.’ 

‘She would defend Kanye until the end of time on this,’ a source said at the time. ‘She knows that things get taken out of context.

‘She knows that Kanye is not anti-Semitic and he is definitely not racist.’ 

Kanye first debuted the track on Chicago radio station Power 92 on November 17. It dropped last Wednesday, marking his first release since July 2022’s Hot S*** – a collaboration with Lil Durk and Cardi B. 

He raps: ‘Three gang leaders with me all times / I don’t know who I f***ed last night, I got Alzheimer’s’ / I don’t know who them h*es is, man, they all lyin’ / Brody, tell me who them h*es is, man, they all fine…

‘Runnin’ hooligan, and we with the foolishness / How am I anti-Semitic? I just f***ed a Jewish b**** / I just f***ed Scooter’s b**** and we ran up like Olympics / Got pregnant in the threesome, so whose baby is it? / Whose baby is it?’

Last year, Kanye’s anti-Semitic outbursts resulted in him losing lucrative deals with Gap and Adidas, with brands including Balenciaga distancing themselves from him 

Bianca’s family do not come without their own controversies.

Her father served time in jail following a conviction for possessing a prohibited heroin import and a loaded pistol.

Described as a ‘heavy criminal figure’ by a relative, Leo was reportedly marked for assassination in the 1990s and, aware that a threat often results in deadly reality, accepted a police guard.

Described as ‘a small but thick set man’ he was involved in the slot machine business in Perth and Melbourne.

Officially he laid claim to being a bouncer, laborer, machine operator, fitter, billiard marker and café proprietor.

While the party-loving Bianca was enjoying the friendship of former schoolmates in Melbourne, her father and uncles were pulling in large amounts of money from their criminal activities.

Leo’s former wife Faye Glascott claimed in an interview from 1991 that he had been involved in a cartel which controlled a large portion of the underworld gambling industry in the 1980s – and from which he had made a fortune.

It is in Alphington that Leo and Alexandra raised Bianca and her two sisters, Angelina and Alyssias.

Bianca has not spoken publicly about her family’s history. 

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