GMB presenter Jonathan Swain plunged into darkness as light falls down live on ITV show

GMB’s Jonathan Swain interrupted as light falls down

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Jonathan Swain braved the cold temperatures for his segment as he told viewers to be “a little more cautious” about their health, amid reports that a new variant called the Omicron had been detected in London, with officials claiming more than nine cases have since been reported. The Good Morning Britain presenter stressed the importance of getting a lateral flow test before any family gatherings during Christmas as one of the light stands suddenly went out. 

The lights are falling down

Jonathan Swain

Jonathan handled the incident in a truly professional manner, making light of the incident by commenting on the snowy weather conditions, which appeared to have been the reason behind the equipment toppling.

“The lights are falling down, and so it’s pretty, uh, not just snowy here this morning, Kate. It’s also fairly wintry here as well,” he stated.

The ITV Senior News Correspondent returned to the aforementioned topic by noting that people should also be mindful about kissing underneath the mistletoe, given current health concerns over the growing spread of the Omicron variation. 

Taking to Twitter to address the on-screen accident, Jonathan tweeted: “Whoops! It’ll Be Alright On The Night moment. @GMB @benshephard @susannareid100.”

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Fans were certainly amused in the comment section, with @Angelacoulter20 writing: “You’re never in the dark Jonathan.”

@Sylviaguy heaped praise of Jonathan’s competence to push through the segment, adding: “So professional just carrying on great reporter.”

Fellow journalist Peter George Oliver also reacted to the clip as he directly tweeted Jonathan: “Lovely stuff. Didn’t skip a beat.”

Viewers applauding Jonathan for handling the mishap in a well-conducted manner was quite the contrast to the reaction he received two weeks ago, after reporting on the rapid rise of migrants crossing the English Channel while observing asylum seekers from his personal boat in the ocean. 

“We are in a particular part of French waters where we know that the migrants begin their journeys,” Jonathan said. 

“We won’t give away the specific location but literally just a few seconds before you came to us, the skipper of our ship has just pointed out… look in the distance there,” he said as his cameraman began to zoom in. 

“We think we can see migrants in the water.”

Indeed, a group of migrants appeared to paddle their way across the Atlantic Ocean in a small blue dinghy. 


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Jonathan was quick to make contact with the three men before asking whether they needed any help. 

He paused for a brief moment before looking back at the camera and telling viewers that he and his team unfortunately could not intervene.

It prompted viewers to lose their cool as they flocked to social media to vent their frustration over Jonathan’s “insensitive” behaviour towards the situation. 

@Capellarec shared her reaction on Twitter, writing: “#gmb 3 migrants paddling in a small dinghy in English Channel. The insensitive reporter is filming them like a weird spectator sport. Suddenly shouts out, ‘are you ok, where are you going to?’ Wtf.”(sic)

Another viewer, @Marshmallow3UK, who’d caught the news segment on TV, chimed in: “@gmb this is very wrong #GMB.

“Just completely mad to watch a reporter at sea yelling at a group of people in a dingy going round and round in circles. Are we watching desperate people for sport now?”

A third person, @kevinsm17554523, was just as annoyed, continuing: “So mr swain is out migrant spotting in the channel…

“I wonder is there a book where you can tick off nationality, boat type, etc migrant spotting could become as big as train and plane spotting.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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