Hannah Montana Star Morgan York Reveals Why She Quit Acting & Hasn't Spoken To Her Co-Stars In A Decade!

Everyone knows what happened to Miley Cyrus after Hannah Montana — she’s one of the most recognizable celebrities on the planet. But what about the show’s other stars?

You may not know this, but Morgan York, who played the adorkable environmental crusader Sarah on the classic Disney Channel sitcom, quit acting right after the show’s fourth and final season wrapped.

It meant the end of a very successful child star career; before the show, she also acted in the Cheaper By The Dozen films and The Pacifier. She probably could have kept the momentum going and acted for years afterward. So… why didn’t she?

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In a new TikTok video, the now-28-year-old answers the question she says she gets more than any other: “do you miss acting?” In a word, she starts with a big “NO!” She continues:

“I started acting when I was 9, and from the beginning, my mom told me, ‘The second this becomes not fun or you want to stop, you can stop.’”

And that’s just what happened, shortly before her 18th birthday. She explains:

“I never expected it to be a lifetime thing. I even remember as a kid trying to imagine myself as an adult actor and just not seeing it. I saw myself stopping acting at the very least when I started college and then just never going back.”

That, too, is exactly what she did. She went to the University of Redlands, where she graduated in 2015.

“I think I also wildly underestimated how much of an uproar would be made over it. I thought I could just leave and nobody would ask me for the next 11 years of my life, ‘Why did you quit acting?’”

Ha! The thing is, every year new folks are going to discover Hannah Montana and fall in love with Saint Sarah and look her up on IMDB only to be confused why she never did anything else after. Sorry, gurl. You’re a teensy bit iconic. It happens.

But it seems like Morgan made the right call — or should we say the write call — about changing careers:

“It wasn’t fun anymore. My passion for acting did not outweigh all the costs, like all the time you have to spend away from loved ones on sets and the constant scrutiny from people watching you. And my passion for writing fiction, which existed as long as my passion for acting, was just much stronger. It was something I preferred.”

Morgan now writes fantasy novels — she’s written SIX so far — and it’s bringing her joy like acting never did. You can read a sample for free HERE!

She also has an adorable cat.


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In a subsequent TikTok video, Morgan answers the other big question she gets all the time: whether she still stays in touch with her co-stars from Hannah Montana. That answer isn’t quite so cheery…

First she describes how there are “tiers of fame,” and she doesn’t even think of herself as famous — certainly not at the level of her co-stars. That’s true enough, but she makes it sound like the fame itself is some kind of barrier to entry when it comes to friendship, saying:

“The only way that I could have really interacted with any of my Hannah Montana co-stars at this point is on social media. I follow all of them, and I don’t think any of them follow me. Which, like, that’s fine. They are famous. They either don’t remember me or they have so many followers they don’t even know I’m one of them. It’s not personal.”

It certainly doesn’t sound personal, that’s for sure. She concludes by saying:

“So I haven’t spoken to any of the Hannah Montana cast since 2010.”

Not even once since the show wrapped?! Wow. You’d think Disney+ would have organized some kind of reunion considering it’s one of their most-watched shows. Maybe they still will.

Are YOU surprised at where Morgan York ended up? Sad she and Miley didn’t stay in touch IRL??

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