Is anyone else obsessed with Billy Ray Cyruss Facetuned engagement pics?

Billy Ray Cyrus appears to be engaged. He posted these photos on his social media and merely labeled them “Happy Autumn,” but I know a Facetuned engagement announcement when I see it. His apparent fiancee is an Australian singer who goes by Firerose. Her real name is something like Johanna Rosie Hodges or Rose Hodges. No one can figure out her age – it’s been reported this week that she’s “in her mid-20s” or as young as 21 or 22, which would make her younger than Miley Cyrus (who is 29). But site Mama Mia has sources claiming that Firerose is actually 34? Why is it so hard to nail down someone’s age?

Anyway, Billy Ray’s rep had no comment when asked if this was an engagement announcement. I honestly lost track of Billy Ray’s personal life, he was on-and-off with Tish Cyrus for so many years, and Tish only filed for divorce in April of this year… after being separated from Billy Ray for a long time. All of Tish and Billy Ray’s children are adults now, right? Yeah – the youngest is Noah, and she’s 22 years old. It doesn’t seem like Billy Ray and Tish’s divorce is official though. After so many years, Tish should get half, whatever that means at this point.

As for these very strange photos… if Billy Ray is happy, good for him. I have no investment in this either way. I think he’s been on a strange trip for a while, it will be interesting to see if this lasts longer than 10 Liz Trusses. I’m kind of obsessed with the fact that Firerose looks like she’s completely CGI.

Photos courtesy of Instagram.

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