Is SZA Vegan?

R&B singer SZA has been on fans’ minds and playlists since she dropped her hit album Ctrl in 2017. Her first full length album earned her five Grammy nominations, a Rolling Stone cover, and hoards of supporters. Although SZA made a statement in February about avoiding the press, her listeners are always desperate to learn more about the rising star. 

As it turns out SZA is not just an entertainer, but an environmentalist. According to Elle, she’s on a mission to save the oceans. This global health focus has left some wondering what other steps she might be taking to protect the Earth. Could she be an advocate for veganism, like many other celebrities have become? 

Who is SZA? 

The woman behind the SZA stage name was born Solána Imani Rowe. She grew up in suburban New Jersey but, according to her feature in Rolling Stone, always felt that she was destined for something more. Her inability to fit in with peers left her with a strong desire to express herself, which she began doing via Soundcloud in 2012. 

Just one year later Top Dawg Entertainment signed Rowe, making her the first female artist under their management. According to AllMusic, TDE had been interested in the singer since 2011, when she connected with co-founder Terrence “Punch” Henderson at the CMJ Music Marathon. 

Her record deal led to the release of the chart-topping Ctrl, as well as collaborations with other stars. Her collaboration with Justin Timberlake for Trolls World Tour topped charts and saw her reach a whole new demographic of fans.

Allergies dictate SZA’s diet options

Increasing environmental concerns have left many fans wondering if their favorite celebrities are adopting a vegan diet. Unfortunately, the singer has not been able to make the change. In a 2017 Tweet, she said, “Sad cus I wanna go vegan but I’m allergic to most fruits n vegetables.” She followed up with a long list of allergens. Fans were shocked to see that fruits and vegetables weren’t the only things limiting SZA’s dietary options. 

Her list was divided into sections, with headings like “spices,” “dairy,” “nuts,” and “beans.” Some of her followers voiced concerns, with Twitter user @ximenabarcelo_ writing, “Girl what do you eat?” 

Still, SZA is finding ways to make an environmental impact. According to Global Citizen, a charitable clothing company is in the works. 100% of the profits from her line, Ctrl Fishing Co., will go to organizations fighting for sustainability. 

SZA faces additional problems with restrictions

Unfortunately, it isn’t just food labels that seem to control SZA’s actions. Her record label may be responsible for the delay in the release of her next album, according to a recent Pitchfork article. Tweets that have since been deleted see SZA calling her relationship with the TDE label “hostile.” Although fans are eagerly anticipating the return of “SZA szn,” it seems as though they may be kept waiting. 

A Variety piece covered the play-by-play of the Twitter argument between SZA and the label’s president, Henderson. When a fan reached out to Henderson directly, asking for an update on the album’s release, they were met with the reply “Soon.” Though this sparked hope in some, SZA quickly lamented, “This is all he says to me as well.” 

We can hope that these tweets being deleted is an indication of a healed relationship. Interviews with Billboard have left fans with high expectations for her sophomore release. She’s teased that her tracklist will be star-studded, with potential features of artists like BROCKHAMPTON, Jack Antonoff, and Post Malone. Although it’s unclear when the project will drop, we know exactly where we’ll find it: at the top of the charts. 

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