Is The Chrisley Family Too Good To Be True??

The rumor mill has been coming hard for virtually the entire Chrisley family for quite some time now — but depending on your perspective on the allegations surrounding the famous TV fam, it may all be self-inflicted and totally deserved!

The patriarch of the fam’s show Chrisley Knows Bestnone other than the man Todd Chrisley himself, is suffering a TON of negative and skeptical media attention of late, after allegations surfaced that he reportedly extorted his own estranged daughter, Lindsie, by threatening her with an apparently ill-gotten copy of her accidental sex tape. That’s not just tacky, if true, but also supremely weird — and, potentially, highly illegal. Yeah…

Imagine our surprise, then, when after posting a series of our most recent stories about the Chrisley family’s ongoing ugly sex tape/extortion controversy, a reader messaged us about something very, very interesting that happened to her.

After the reader commented on one of our story posts about the famous family over on Instagram earlier today, she noticed somebody very, um, famous, had “liked” her comment. Ch-ch-check out our exchange (below), with Chrisley daughter Lindsie clearly taking the time to react to the reader’s comment about the fam being too good to be true:


Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Papa Chrisley and his fam, is it, y’all?! We know Lindsie is obviously on the outs with the fam to begin with right now, but still… too many “likes” like this will give away the game and show off the Chrisleys to potentially (allegedly!) be as phony as they come.

We’re just left wondering exactly how they are still too good to be true… what’s so phony about them that doesn’t come across on camera?? SO JUICY!!!

What do U think about all this Chrisley family drama, Perezcious readers?!

Are the Chrisleys really too good to be true, and it’s only a matter of time before they get fully outed here? Or is this just a minor (and unfair) bump in the road for the famous fam, merely a moment before they turn things around and keep doing the deed on reality TV?!

Sound OFF about all of it and more in the comments (below)…

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