James Charles’ Onetime Mentor Tati Westbrook Calls Him Out and Now He Is Shedding Millions of Subscribers

Well, there’s a big-time, beauty vlogger beef happening– and James Charles is at the center of it. The beef comes at the end of a week that might have seen the high point of his vlogging career, when James walked the pink-carpeted steps at this year’s Met Gala.

However, now James is hemorrhaging subscribers, after fellow Youtuber and onetime mentor Tati Westbrook published a video accusing James of betrayal and inappropriate activity.

Most of Tati’s commentary in her video had to do with James’ support for supplements from a rival company to the one that Tati runs with her husband, in spite of the support that Tati claimed to have given James online and in their private lives. Tati goes on to explain in detail why that supplement deal felt like such a personal betrayal.

Tati further alleged that James has been increasingly over-sexualizing his content when he is playing to a very young audience. In addition, she said that James made, at least in one case at her home, inappropriate advances toward a person who was heterosexual with the justification that it was ok because James was a “celebrity.” James identifies a gay.

For his part, James posted a response that seemed mostly apologetic. In the video, James admits vaguely to some mistakes and says that he always tries to make up for them by becoming a better person over time.

But public sentiment seems to be with Tati, as her account has grown substantially since she uploaded her attack video. In the meantime, James appears, at this point, to have lost around 2 million subscribers — which represents more than 10% of his total subscriber base.

Below you can check out Tati’s video, as well as James’ response.

(Image source: Youtube)

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