Jeremy Clarkson urges royals to ignore naysayers and go nuclear

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Jeremy Clarkson, 62, has reacted to reports that the Royal Family will have to reduce the cost of King Charles’ Coronation over the current economic crisis. The former Top Gear presenter urged royals to “ignore naysayers” and “go nuclear” with the celebration despite the palace’s concerns “about its place in society”.

According to the broadcaster, this year’s coronation will see a break in tradition as the Royal Navy will not be assembling the fleet for the highly-anticipated event.

The Times reported that “neither Buckingham Palace nor the Ministry of Defence denied that there were no plans for a naval review”.

Jeremy said: “So I say to the palace spokespeople: ‘Ignore the small number of naysayers and go for it.’

“And don’t worry if the navy can’t fill the Channel with battleships,” the TV star added in his latest column for the aforementioned media outlet.

He continued: “Just get it to park its nuclear submarines in the Solent, because nothing says, ‘Don’t f***ing mess with us,’ more than a huddle of silent and invisible killing machines that could lay waste to any country on Earth at the turn of a simple key.”

But Jeremy has not been the only prominent name to express concerns for the upcoming Coronation, with fellow broadcaster Eamonn Holmes expressing his views on Prince Harry’s public revelations about life with brother William in his memoir, Spare.

Eamonn, 63, accused Princes Harry and William of causing embarrassment to King Charles.

The Daily Express columnist added that he would never be able to behave the way Harry has within his own family.

“If one of my brothers was sounding off, I know exactly what would happen,” he exclaimed.

“If I was sounding off about them, or they were about me, the phone would ring and it would be ‘What the…?!’

“In no uncertain terms, [they’d say] ‘Sort yourself out, button your mouth, or else!’ and that would be it!” he told Kaye Adams during an episode of her podcast, How To Be 60.

Eamonn clarified: “I don’t really understand this Will and Harry business – it’s just so embarrassing for their father.

“It’s just, ‘Sort it out, boys, for goodness sake!'” he groaned.

And according to commentator Valentine Low, Prince Harry’s purported rift with the Royal Family could “overshadow” the King’s Coronation on May 6.

Speaking to, he said the King would “love” to heal the rift with Prince Harry ahead of his Coronation.

While discussing the prospect of Harry’s attendance at the Coronation, the author said: “The King would love to see this rift healed. It’s a dark cloud hanging over his brain.

“It has the potential to overshadow the Coronation and mar the proceedings.”

In a poll that ran from 9.30am on Wednesday, January 11, to 1pm on Wednesday, February 15, asked readers: “Should Prince Harry attend King Charles’s Coronation?”

Overall, a whopping 33,124 votes were cast, with a staggering 95 percent (31,306 people), answering “no” Harry should not attend the Coronation.

Just five percent (1,624 people) said “yes” he should attend, and 194 people said they did not know either way.

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